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Law in the USA: the SCAM of the millenium

See this report to better understand (than before) how so many millions of our people are illegally murdered and imprisoned by fbi and police.
Law in the USA: The SCAM of the millennium
The fbi (the 'BURRO') and its tail, the United States Department of Justice (doj)

devise the most horrendous scam that any government ever imposes on its people for purposes of mind programming and control: a legal system that encourages governmental, high and malicious crimes against the people in a manner that offers no recourse. In my suit against the burro I showed exactly the law that permits the fbi to engage in atrocities that the courts refuse to hear. See the following sites for proof:
Regarding Immunity :  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/thelawoftheunite.html

Even when the fbi et al., execute their crimes maliciously and corruptly {using federal magistrate judges (fmj) and accomplices}, the thugs of government are immune from prosecution:

42 U.S.C. 1983

8.2.A.1. Judicial Immunity
Regarding fmj see:

 link to austin.indymedia.org

All the while the fbi pretends to address the many crimes ongoing in the country as enumerated here:

Yet the fbi does not actually seriously address such crimes because the fbi has as priority the control of the domestic population through fear and the *specter selective prosecution. Indeed, the fbi cooperates with organized crime mobsters and drug dealers as long as they cooperate with the fbi.


DOJ comes along for the ride with the burro's unending crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs. So, the biggest scam on the American people today is perpetrated by their government as headed by the burro and doj. One other egregious method of control over the people is to develop a way to redefine the male as a rabid jackal that is ostracized, despised , hounded, abused, threatened, tortured and ultimately imprisoned or murdered. He is in reality not the most dangerous animal on the block, but to the government he represents a kind of universal scape goat that shows just how mean the fbi can be. The dishonest scheme (or fbi scam) puts all men at risk and is ironically referred to by the fbi as a crimes involving "Scams & Public Safety":


I ask rhetorically, " where is the registry for assassins of the fbi and their operatives who commit torture, forced suicide, false imprisonment and murder! No such public listing allowed that compares to the one shown above.

Indeed the fbi seeks to create criminals for public show in order to further program the populace to fear the omnipresent fbi/cia/police. Where no crimes exist against a political target, the fbi and the police manufacture offenses by use of real scams, stings and fraudulent 'set ups' which the media 'eats up' and the ignorant public relishes.


Victims of a psychopathic society created by the fbi have no recourse, especially as the public is programmed to kill the jackal. See the following report and the "dilemma" link therein:

 link to austin.indymedia.org

By instilling fear in the people the fbi and by allowing organized crime to flourish the fbi becomes a dominant global MAFIA in its own right:


See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 for a few crimes by the fbi that I witnessed as a victim.


See my reports at Academia.edu and particularly my paper that shows another scam on the people by the burro and its tail, doj:


Suits Against Government Officials

Regarding the SCOTUS, one must understand that the highest court in the land must support the assassins of fbi/cia because the object of the government is always first and foremost to expand its agenda of world inhumane domination at any cost. So, today you and I are simply tools for that expansion. The smaller courts are equally corrupt beyond repair; see the next link and study the available data on secret and murderous FISA courts whose so-called judges authorize torture and mass murder.


See also my WRIT where I had no possibility of gaining a simple injunction to stop the fbi's crimes against me which are ongoing for 30 years. The US Attorney is always complicit in fbi crimes; see the spurious argument of Sara Robinson who frustrates my efforts in her arguments here


and here


In the fbi's efforts to silence and discredit me, see how their operatives try to further frighten the public:

Fbi's United States Attorney & operative "paint me doubtful" admit to 1)guilty knowledge of fbi crimes) 2)spending millions to harass me 3)promoting fear by invoking the spector of mass murderer and terrorist. Note that the fbi has driven to psychoses other victims of their COINTEL program.

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort,and blessings to all who are abused, tortured, and murdered by the fbi/cia/police/prosecutors/judges of the USA everywhere.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
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