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may day 2017 pdx
all power to the people: rise up, resist, unite!

The May Day Revolutionary Youth & Family Zone, is a piece of the Portland May Day 2017 coalition, who has planned this year's May Day march and rally with the theme: ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE: RISE UP, RESIST, UNITE!

Day of, there will be an area of Shemanski reserved specifically for kids, youth, and families to have their own autonomous space, separate from the more adult-oriented rest of the rally, but also in the thick of things. The youth and family zone will be a family-friendly space-to us, this means pro-kid, pro-family (any type of family), and abstaining from "f*ck the police" type messaging-keeping it age-appropriate without diluting. We are here to support kids and youth and their parents/caregivers in participating in the global revolutionary gravity of a day like May Day. We are modeling at all times. We are here in the spirit of abolishing white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, and patriarchy!

Youth will be encouraged to voice, develop, and seed their hopes for what the world should be, could be, can be-in their own words. There will be an area for revolutionary sign-making and an area for the making of homemade noisemakers (both for the march!), as well as plenty of snacks/water and blankets to spread out on.

Volunteers will be helping with the making of signs and noisemakers, coordinating snacks, watching out for general safety of kids, helping with the implementation of their ideas and kid-appropriate political discussion.

Volunteers will NOT be one-on-one with a child who is not their own, helping with bathroom, etc. Primary caregivers should not be dropping kids off daycare-style, but will be either remaining in the youth & family zone OR within eyesight/easy access nearby. Caregivers will be responsible for their kids, ultimately, as we will be there to facilitate education, fun, and safety. Caregivers will sign in with name and phone number when they arrive at the zone so that if need be, we can contact them about their kid(s).

For primary caregivers/parents: Please plan to be close to your child in the Kids zone. Volunteers will be there for extra eyes, to lead activities, play with the kids, help them make signs, learn songs or chants. Please know that you will need to be responsible for your child, children.

Voz Worker Education Project holds the permit for this event, so the liability is also on them. Let's make sure we make it as smooth as possible!

Everyone who wants to be a volunteer will need to be vetted within their organization and then participate in a training

The march will be led by the kids and their families, to send a strong message that youth and families can never be an afterthought, but that they ARE the revolution, they are the future, and we are all responsible for the world they grow in to. It will also help set a slower pace for the march. Kid zone volunteers will be needed to help keep this area a place for kids, youth, families. This will include towing water/snacks, leading songs/chants, adjusting the pace if need be, and helping to make sure no one co-opts the front of the march.