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Trumponomics: causes and prospects

The odds of Trump resigning are 11:10, almost even money - for the sake of the Trump brand!
Trumponomics: causes and prospects by L. Randall Wray real-world economics review


As I wrote in 2012, "Here in the U.S., Donald Trump is known as a cartoonish buffoon
But he's no laughing matter in Scotland where he buys off the government and destroys a pristine and fragile
coastal sand dune to build the world's biggest golf course. This moving documentary follows the efforts of the ordinary folk to preserve a fishing and farming community that, supposedly, stands in the way. You've Been Trumped
is essential viewing for developing an understanding of the issues surrounding unchecked development, its impact on environmental sustainability, the unholy alliance of big money and public policy, and the consequence of excessive inequality that has divided our modern...

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Pentagon Budget: Corruption Disguised as Patriotism 30.Mar.2017 12:03

David Morris


In the primaries, Trump wooed voters by promising no rise in military spending. Now he wants massive increases.

In October 2015, when he was a very, very long shot for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump the businessman promised to make the military "much stronger than it is right now" without increasing military spending. "But you know what?" he declared, "We can do it for less."

In September 2016, as the Republican nominee, Donald Trump the politician dramatically reversed his position. He now proposes a massive increase in military spending. And instead of making the military more efficient by cutting Pentagon waste, Trump will "fully offset" the increase in military spending by reducing spending on non-defense programs through cutting their "government waste and budget ."gimmicks.onthecommons.org/