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Federal Judiciary Corrupt Beyond Repair

See evidence by this attorney that the judiciary of the USA is corrupted by fbi's own assassins.
Judiciary Filled With Corrupt, Ignorant & Psychopathic Judges (and federal magistrate judges, i.e.: fmj)



As I began my legal career in El Paso, Texas in 1983, the fbi was busy prejudicing the judges against me as part of fbi vendetta. The fmj in violation of 1) rules of judicial conduct 2) ethical standards for all attorneys licensed by Supreme courts, 3) ex parte strictures to safe guard the integrity of the court, met with the fbi and attempted to block my membership in that court.

Later, after the fbi destroyed my life (see "what would you do if" at Academia.edu) by use of terrorist assaults, the fmj deleted my membership in the court for "not paying dues". The court knew that such false claims, sneaky & unethical conduct were illegal and criminal as evidence of a conspiracy to violate my rights.

That same fmj and others like him in Dallas, Honolulu, L.A., Brownsville and now McAllen, Texas, authorized the fbi to conduct a sweeping surveillance and terror campaign in efforts to drive this Attorney crazy. All such crimes by fbi and their fmj failed, but cost taxpayers $30-50 million from 1983 to now.

See my *WRIT and discover that I was wrongly denied a Mandamus by federal judges and justices across the board. SCOTUS summarily dismissed my humble request for relief, either at law or in equity. Government attorneys had a metaphorical blood feast in assisting fbi in their torture, mayhem and attempted murder of this fbi whistle blower. Then, the torture and attempts on my life worsened. See my thousands of reports online for specific examples.

See the lies of another federal judge who falsified the record here in order to prevent me from testifying for the victim of fbi crimes:


The fbi undermines all government agencies and private institutions/individuals at will in order to discredit witnesses to high crimes by fbi. See my sworn Affidavits 2007 and 2014 for more data, including fbi total subversion of Law and corruption of police.

See also my reports online regarding truly insane, 'gung- ho' cops at UT with too much time on their hands (Wilson & Bleier, et.al); and glimpse into the secret and unlawful quasi criminal justice system forged by fbi in criminal coordination with the lawless federal judiciary:

See also how the fbi controls medical doctors in order to manufacture a parade of horribles to present to all authorities everywhere I try to live and work.
Fraudulently Devised Medical Report:


All judges, doctors et al. who assisted fbi in terrorizing and trying to kill me over the past 30 years are low minded cowards and criminals hiding under black (or white) robes, behind court benches, and tucked away in marbled federal buildings, or hospitals.



Finally, as I am today still being tortured by fbi's inhumane experimentation program with no hope of recovery from life threatening injuries sustained by fbi assaults, I am committed for the rest of my life to exposing all judges, et al. and their fbi protectors as human monsters. Note that all fmj owe their positions and their future in the federal judiciary to the very same fbi assassins who have seized control of USA's constitutional government .

About me, courtesy of Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK, Champion of Liberty.


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