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The descent of civilization and humanity into the maelstrom

This report reflects my view of the causes for the descent of civilization into hell.
The descent of civilization and humanity into the maelstrom

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By gsosbee, submitted on Sun, 03/26/2017 - 3:25pm


I recognize the tipping point and the decline of humanity and humaneness over the 71 years of my life, but more recently (over the past half century) I realize the underlying reasons and the awful consequences of societal corruption and governmental evil. This report represents a synopsis of my eye opening discoveries in the unrealistic hope that somehow the people of the world might awaken to the horrors that confronts or threatens all of us. See Sosbee's 'World In A Box.'

Most of my papers such as appear online and at  https://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee
focus on the veritable evil of the fbi and their associates in the so-called intelligence community (IC). As I and a few others try to delineate the specific indications of 'government gone mad' , I offer such details in my thousands of reports online, including my WRIT, 'My Story In Detail" and many posts at Indymedia forums. I have also reported that controlled media and many Indymedia groups block, hide, or prevent me from reporting. Indybay and Ireland et al. ban me. Online discussion forums block my efforts to post. All such chicanery is orchestrated by the fbi.

So, I ask why are my reports so damaging to the world that the fbi and their friends in the general community (including police, doctors in all fields and even neighbors) actually try incessantly to kill or to demoralize me. See my reports on the insanity of fbi and their high level cops who threaten, harass, and try to silence me: UT police Bleier, Wilson and thug Alonzo Yanez, USPI Knipfing and his side kick Texas DPS Conrad Rodriguez; see my documentations where the entire university community at UT, including the Chancellor, President, Dean, legal counsel, police, security guards, library staff and janitors join with the fbi and operatives in efforts to terrorize me on campus. All such schemes fail for over a decade. All colleges and universities in the USA are similarly corrupted by the pure E V I L of the fbi and its IC.

In my work I include evidence of the following high crimes, atrocities and crimes against humanity (CAH) that mark the end of any rebirth of an Age of Enlightenment that might otherwise have been possible. For example I show from my first- hand experience...
The fbi and their associates in government and in the general population engage in torture, forced suicide, false imprisonment, selective assassinations and mass murder. The fbi and the IC use bio-chem-viral assaults and Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) on a regular basis against selected Targets. The DEW assaults cause great pain and medical complications (including injuries to and programming of the human brain) all of which cannot be proven here, but which I am certain are real.

Evidence continues to mount that when a Target does not die or submit to incarceration (as a result of extreme psychological assaults) the fbi castrates, blinds, deafens, or otherwise drives the Target into a breakdown. The DEW assaults are also so horrible that I believe that such abominations that I and others describe constitute crimes against humanity and threaten all people everywhere. The fbi also also fraudulently creates facts that do not exist and which are used to destroy the Target; the fbi regularly denies established facts in existence. See my report of the fraudulent findings of Dr. Holder who, upon my efforts to explain symptoms related to DEW, recorded this finding that denies all reason and professional standards: "paranoid delusional disorder".

See also my report on the overthrow of the United States government. As reports such as mine ultimately are seen by the people, all are afraid to argue with corrupt authority. A Nazi type hypnosis may explain the lethargy and insensitivity of the population to the gross crimes committed in their name.

The victims of inhumane assaults by fbi, police community, IC and ordinary citizens include many persons who are imprisoned under the corrupt criminal justice system (CJS) in the USA. See my report on the secret, illegal and quasi cjs forged by fbi:

Consider the general consequences of a profit oriented CJS where highly paid police, prosecutors and judges (such as the psychopathic federal magistrate judges) make sport of destroying the lives of many of our best people, and where the ordinary citizen is oblivious to the suffering all around them. Violence by police and fbi creates a violent society, as does the media whose chiefs make millions of dollars from celebrating killings. See my report on Let My People Go.

Age of Madness: fbi/police /DOJ -DA are criminals


In the fbi's failure to kill or imprison me, today the fbi resorts to trickery and deceit in order to fabricate a basis for arresting me. See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014, and see my recent documentary here:

For the record: A secret, insane, domestic organized crime by fbi to silence adversaries:


As no one in government cares to stop the crimes committed by the fbi and its IC, all of our people are programmed to believe that the fbi is sacrosanct. The fbi as an institution is become the ultimate authority throughout our society and use the same methods and practices as the notorious MAFIA.

I see no way to stop the fbi hoodlums because the ruling class benefits from the mini holocaust now underway. Wars, regional conflicts and claims of terrorist attacks also lend a false fašade of necessity for the USA to use abhorrent methods to carry out objectives devised in backrooms of the Pentagon, Congress and the courts such as Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (authorized by invasive FISA) . All authorities with few exceptions participate in the formation by CAH of a world controlled by the mind programmers of the world's IC (chiefly the fbi/cia.mi6,SS/Surte). Also recall if one may my reports on the murderously corrupt Kingdoms such as Thailand, Saudi Arabia et al. where the IC runs the government at will.

My work is almost finished and I am confident that all of my reports someday will rain down on our people just a bit too late to stop the darkness referred to by Justice William O. Douglass:  http://austin.indymedia.org/article/2014/10/21/beware-twilight

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer and die at the hands of the fbi, cia, IC, police, and their kind globally.

Me, courtesy of Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK:


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