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For the record

This post reveals dirty secrets of fbi COINTEL Operations and is often blocked by fbi at many forums.
part one:

Geral Sosbee
Feb 23, 2017

Fbi COINTEL Operations Expand

Fbi intensifies fraudulent efforts at civil or criminal entrapment (or stings) of this Target and does so under the guidance of expert prosecutors and a psychopathic federal magistrate judge. All such high crimes fail to achieve the objective.

These fbi operations are planned and often choreographed in order to ultimately neutralize this Target.

In two such fbi capers the fbi uses the tracking device in me to send their thugs to stalk and assault me in public places. As I walk in the hallways, the fbi assassins come at me head-on from the opposite direction in clearly provocative demeanor. Their apparent objective is that I try to identify them or make some movement that might reflect aggressive and paranoid conduct. Fbi professional witnesses are standing by and their cameras are 'rolling' throughout the dramas. E.G.:


In other cases the police recognized and investigated assaultive actions against me and my wife.

See Texas police reports:
Brownsville : Detective Reyes #4396
Incident 1605-4806

McAllen ; Officer Perez, #7568
Incident 2016-00042167

However, even with some police confirmations of assaults, the fbi continues their unbridled crimes in public and their DEW & extreme psychological assaults everwhere, literally.

See my posts on:

1)Committed To Healing:


2)False medical report which fbi uses to bolster their murderous agenda:


Finally, as I prepare this report, the DEW assaults once again keep me awake all night.
My two recent reports online apparently aggravated fbi hoodlums and prompted recent attacks on me:

Damage Assessment:

Geral Sosbee Presents:


Part two: March24, 2017

Today the fbi sends 2 thugs to criminally assault me at Sprouts Store, 5800 N. 10th street, McAllen Texas at 4PM.

As I previously documented in the alternate links below, the fbi clearly seeks to fraudulently set up this Target for any type of offense (civil or criminal). See


Alternate link:


Today. we filed police report case number 2017-22275 with officer A. Vasquez, #12284, McAllen Texas Police.

We presented the details of the criminal stalking offense by: h/m, 5'5", 19 years, brwn/brwn, carrying 2 Cell phones , one apparently with video activated.
He was accompanied by h/f, 5'8", 40 yrs, brown & short hair with visor cap.
Each of these 2 hoodlums are seriously mentally ill like their fbi handlers:

Both of these characters were assigned to commit a 1)discreet criminal assault by stalking and 2)harassment and a subtle form of threat by intimidation.

Both I and my wife witnessed the crime which cannot be fully proven without the two thugs cooperation, especially since they follow and assault by aid of the tracking device implanted in me by fbi' s own human monsters.

The psychopathic federal magistrate judge (fmj) who issues the authority for fbi surveillance and assaults exemplifies the police state USA, as forged onto our society by fbi/MAFIA.

See my reports online; remember my similar documentaries on UT COPS BLEIER AND WILSON, thug Alonzo Yanez, Detective Posada, et al; also see my report on corrupt USPI KNIFING AND TEXAS DPS RODRIGUEZ .

See also:  https://ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee, including "the fbi are seriously mentally ill".

The fmj is also sick and serves as a fbi operative and is an accomplice to all fbi crimes against me, including attempted murder & torture with DEW.

I have tentatively identified the fmj in a different report. That fmj belongs in prison.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi and their fmj everywhere.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA