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The JBLM Force Protection Division in the case of Panagacos v. Towery - April 7th 2017

Two weeks from today, on April 7th 2017, the Ninth Circuit Court will hear the case of Panagacos v. Towery; an important case for every person who believes that we have the right to be free from government spying, tyranny, oppression, and harassment. Please pay close attention to the outcome of this case, and join us on April 7th to celebrate our victory of evil.
On April 7th 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will hear oral arguments detailing the crimes of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division in the case of Panagacos v. Towery. We fully expect to win this appeal on the strength of our case, a case that has become even stronger over the past several months as soldiers on JBLM have provided us with information about the crimes being committed by Thomas Rudd, Daniel Vessels and others members of the Force Protection Division. Our newest evidence is a multi-page letter to the court, written by a former employee of the Force Protection Division, detailing the on-going crimes, misconduct, and violations of government policy and regulations that have continued to this very day; strong detailed and documented evidence against them. We offer our deepest thanks and appreciation to all of our new friends, allies, and supporters on Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

When we win our appeal, we will return to the trial court where we will receive a judgement against the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division and against the specific individuals who have continued to violate our civil rights and engaged in an almost continuous pattern of harassment and threats against those of us who brought this case to stop their crimes.

Some may say that we can't be certain of the judgement of the court, and this is of course true, but any denial of our appeal would make no sense in light of all the evidence we have assembled. Still, the government has spent millions of dollars to cover up the crimes of men like Thomas Rudd and Daniel Vessels, and perhaps the deep pockets of the government will overcome justice. Should this be the case then we simply file a new lawsuit based on all the new evidence we have obtained. As long as the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division continues to exist, and as long as men like Thomas Rudd and Daniel Vessels continue to violate the rights of the America People - our fight will never end.

We Support You In You Fight Against These Evil Men 26.Mar.2017 08:57


We stand with you in your fight against the JBLM Force Protection Division. Government tyranny and lawlessness must be stopped. And when so many from the military base have joined you in your fight against this great evil there can be no question that you will prevail in the courts.  http://bit.ly/2nptSIW

Let Us Gather At The Gates of JBLM 26.Mar.2017 09:15


If the courts do not put an end to the evil that is the JBLM Force Protection Division, then it is time for us to take our concerns directly to the JBLM Commander. The voice of the people has been heard in peaceful demonstrations at other military bases  http://www.soaw.org/news/news-alerts/3157 and it too can be heard at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. #OpEndTheEvil

You’ll Never Win This Case Before The 9th Circuit 26.Mar.2017 18:20

A Friend on JBLM

There is an old saying, "You can't fight city hall". And just as there is no way to win in a battle against the bureaucracy of city hall, there is no way to win in the courts against the army of lawyers and unlimited funds DOD can spend to cover its own wrong-doing.

I am a security manager on JBLM and I am familiar with Tom Rudd, Dan Vessels, and the protection division. Some of the things they did seemed a little questionable to me in the past, but I had written it off as simple mistakes on their part or a misunderstanding by myself. However, after finding my name on their compromised email list, I started looking into these guys a bit more, and I believe that their actions are completely outside the law and entirely irresponsible. Anti-terrorism officers have absolutely no business targeting American citizens who do not have clear ties to terrorist activities. If there is even a shred of truth to what has been claimed about these guys, somebody in the protection division needs to go to jail.

Unfortunately for you DOD will never let this case go to trial. Exposing illegal targeting of American citizens by military assets would be a major embarrassment for JBLM and subject the Army and JBLM to millions of dollars in liability. So, yes you are correct when you state that the protection division is breaking the law and violating your civil rights. But you are still going to lose before the courts on 7 April 2017. But, good luck anyway.

Wishing You Success Before the Court 26.Mar.2017 20:28

Tim S.

Edmund Burke once said "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." I am glad to see that you have stood up to the evil on JBLM and are holding these men to account for their actions. Good luck and best wishes for success at the trial.

Guess You Shouldn't Collect On 1st Amendment Protected Activities 27.Mar.2017 04:16

East Coast

I work on the other side of the country from JBLM, but received their Protection Daily Update bulletin for a while. Always wondered why anti-terrorism officers were targeting local political activities and calling them "protests" in bulletins sent out across the country. Looks like it was a bigger problem than I thought. Will be very interested in the outcome of this trial.

Thank You from the OPMR-CAC 27.Mar.2017 18:00


Thank you so very much to everyone at JBLM who has joined our fight against the tyranny of Thomas Rudd, Daniel Vessels, and Kirk Johnson in the Force Protection Division. So many of you have provided evidence of the ongoing crimes in the Force Protection Division, information about the personnel assigned to this unit, and copies of the bulletins and documents that they send out.

We have the complete email distribution list used by the JBLM Force Protection Division, demonstrating the depth of their illegal collection and dissemination of information about American citizens. ~ posted online if you want a copy yourself. Thank you to all of you from this list who replied to our messages and who have provided information about the current illegal activities JBLM Force Protection Division.

Win or lose in court next week (and we will almost certainly win), thanks to all of you, we have gathered tons of new evidence to take to a new trial if necessary.

You Can't Win Against Big Brother 29.Mar.2017 17:55

A Friend at the Port of Tacoma

I have to agree with "A Friend on JBLM" you will never win this lawsuit against the Army. I work at the Port of Tacoma and have repeatedly questioned why anti-terrorism officers are collecting information about American citizens, staff and workers at the Port, and others in the local community. When I ask the Port Security Office I get told that it's a DOD matter, and when I contact JBLM to ask the same question I am ignored. If JBLM can bully the Port into providing their Protection Division with information on American citizens who have broken no laws, there is no way that a few people who object to JBLM abuses of their civil rights can win a lawsuit against the Army. Even so, there are many of us here at the Port of Tacoma who don't like these abuses, and we will continue to provide you with any documents and information that we get from JBLM.

False Voice 29.Mar.2017 21:57

Andrew C Hendricks

Interesting coincident events here. No relation I'm sure.
Who's been obsessed lately?
Who's been obsessed lately?