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USA Lost Amid Turmoil Crested By Its "Intel'

USA Intel is responsible for much or most of the world's suffering and deaths.
USA lost amid turmoil created by its 'Intel'

So many people globally threaten the USA and often attack with conviction, resolve and always at risk of death; WHY! No one in the controlled media, nor in government seriously addresses the question.

The torture, mass imprisonment/murder, and selective assassinations by fbi/cia and friends are continuing at this moment around the world and often include as victims the very veterans who went into battle to defend this now overthrown regime. Few Americans, furthermore, dare even mention that USA is ruled by its intelligence community ('Intel').

Many intellectuals know that *Congress and SCOTUS exemplify in their showtime performances the fraud of this government that replaces the former legitimate constitutional democracy . *Their members care not for the people, but seek to line their own pockets at the expense of the legitimate democracy and tripartite method of governance. They are, each one, Quislings who dance to the macabre tunes orchestrated by Intel and their murderous operatives everywhere.


Even historians in many fields do not make statements on the obvious parallels between today's USA and 'yesterday's Nazi Germany.

Consolidation of Power:

Anyone who credibly delineates the types of atrocities ongoing now by Intel is secretly targeted as a political dissident. See my 'World In A Box', my papers at  http://Academia.edu and my thousands of reports online.

Destroy Dissenters:

Like me:


...et al.:

The controlled media also covers up high crimes committed by Intel because their jobs, like those of federal magistrate judges, depend on their obedience to fbi mandates. Such authority encourages crimes against humanity and other atrocities which are by definition in violation of human, civil and constitutional rights of the people.

In conclusion one with eyes open may see that efforts to dominate all mankind by violent, bloody and barbarous means, or by threats and by torture, fail because no man of integrity submits to another under such conditions.


Perhaps now is the time for our citizens to hold all government employees responsible for the global chaos caused by this sorry regime's Intel community and their sycophantic colleagues on the Hill.


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Descent into the maelstrom 26.Mar.2017 14:31

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