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This report exposes the fbi as equivalent to the most wicked torturers and murderers who ever crawled on God's green earth.
Torture, Mayhem & Murder (T,M,M) are the criminal trademarks of the fbi (the 'burro'), and their macabre culture is infectious to all who cooperate in the burro's heinous crime spree everywhere.

The burro is often portrayed by popular media as 'ingenious' crime fighters , but in reality the burro is 'crime organized' and corrupts every segment of our society. All who listen to and cooperate with fbi against a Target  are parties to the crimes of T,M,M committed by fbi's own agents and operatives. Here is an analogy to modern fbi conspiracies from those who plotted against the most influential man who ever lived:

"The murder of Jesus was a vast conspiracy involving Rome, Herod, the Gentiles, the Jewish Sanhedrin, and the people of Israel—diverse groups who were seldom fully in accord with one another. In fact, it is significant that the crucifixion of Christ is the only historical event where all those factions worked together to achieve a common goal. All were culpable. All bear the guilt together. The Jews as a race were no more or less blameworthy than the Gentiles."


From the same source we learn that ...

"... here was the most evil act ever perpetrated by sinful hearts: The sinless Son of God—holy God Himself in human flesh—was unjustly killed after being subjected to the most horrific tortures that could be devised by wicked minds. It was the evil of all evils, the worst deed human depravity could ever devise, and the most vile evil that has ever been committed."

The evil of those times lives on today in the fbi/cia ( and their supporters & co- conspirators ) who abandon all sense of human decency and who torture and murder our Brothers and Sisters around the globe.

For evidence of my statements see my thousands of reports online. Thank you and may Providence give aid,comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of the serial killers and torturers of fbi/cia.





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