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What You Need to Know About the JBLM Protection Division

Many of you have recently expressed concern over the illegal activities of the JBLM Protection Division. You picture a large military unit intercepting your communications, tracking your activities, and entering your personal information into national databases. Well, here are the facts about the JBLM Protection Division - and you have nothing to worry about.
I am a Soldier and Antiterrorism Officer at JBLM and I have met the men who are the "Protection Division": Tom Rudd, Dan Vessels, and Kirk Johnson. Differing from what you might believe the Protection Division is not some large military organization. It's just these three guys working in a basement office of the MP Station. They like to give themselves titles like "Division Chief" and "Deputy Chief", but there is no division - just these pompous ass hats in the basement of the MP Station.

I have read some of the articles here on Indy Media about the illegal collection and targeting of groups throughout Washington by Tom Rudd, Dan Vessels, and the Protection Division; and I can tell you, from first-hand experience with these guys, that you have nothing to worry about. Sure, they try to do this type of targeting and collection, but they are not any good at it, and nobody on JBLM takes their products seriously. The entire command structure in I Corps laughs at the bulletins and assessments sent up by the "Protection Division" and we toss that stuff in the trashcan where it belongs the minute Tom Rudd walks out of the meeting. The WA State Fusion Center ( http://www.wsfc.wa.gov/) even stated in a 2016 'Notice to Intelligence Analysts' that products produced by the JBLM Protection Division (Thomas Rudd) were highly questionable, lacked accuracy, credibility, and proper sourcing. Information provided by the JBLM Protection Division is to be viewed as "unreliable" unless corroborated by a qualified analyst and confirmed by other sources. You wonder why nobody at JBLM takes your complaints about the "Protection Division" seriously; it is because nobody takes the "Protection Division" itself seriously.

The Protection Division (three idiots in the basement) has no electronic collection capability, no analytical skills, and no intelligence databases that they can access to gather information about you. Even if you ask the "Protection Division" for information the best you can hope to get is a cut and paste of something they found on Google; and this will be "reported as found" without even an attempt at providing analysis and meaning to what they report. They are not submitting information about you to police and intelligence databases, because while such databases (i.e. NCIC) exist the people who actually maintain these records simply ignore the "Protection Division" - recognizing that they are nothing more than idiots taking up space on the government payroll and producing absolutely nothing of any intelligence value whatsoever.

The bottom line is that the "Protection Division" continues to exist because it is almost impossible to fire a government employee, and the Joint Base Commander hasn't found a way to get rid of these idiots yet.

Base commander can't figure out how to get rid of the idiots? 17.Mar.2017 12:21


Base commander sounds like another idiot.

It's easy to move people around when you have total control over their lives. Put them on garbage detail. Or dish-washing. Or hand-trimming the grass. Or latrine scrubbing with a toothbrush. Or pebble-counting in the parking lot. Or whatever. The military is famous for stupid punishment details.

Well, get going.

Dangerous Idiots 19.Mar.2017 03:27


I can't agree that just because these three men are incompetent and inept at their jobs that we have nothing to worry about. They are using military assets and resources, and presumably drawing a military pay check, while spying on American citizens, infiltrating political groups, and monitoring the email and social media accounts of people they don't like. Since they are in the "basement of the MP station" do they have access to Military Police records, and what type of police records to the Military Police have access to?

How much information do they just make up and send out to make themselves feel important. If you look at their email distribution list published online, there are hundreds of people and agencies receiving their daily newsletter. It's a proven fact that Tom Rudd made up information and spread lies about the PMR to get them arrested and stop their political protests and activities at the Ports.

Remember that the JBLM Force Protection Division is the self-same group that, when asked following the Trump election to pledge to protect the civil rights of the American people, responded "Go F*ck Yourself". These men may be idiots, but they are dangerous idiots operating without any type of oversight or supervision, and with a complete disregard for the law and for the civil rights of the American people.