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Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church

Comey's fbi human monsters enter into the Basilica and criminally assault me.
Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church

Fbi commits sacrilege inside the Church as I document today with the authorities there; understand please that, as I explained to the Padre, the fbi mentality and character are the same as those who tortured, nailed to the cross and slowly murdered JESUS.

I sent the message below to Bishop Daniel E. Flores, Catholic Diocese of Brownsville via Catholic Diocese of Brownsville:

To:  info@cdob.org
from:geral sosbee

As a result of my work to expose murderous tyranny and high crimes by fbi/cia, the fbi sends agents & operatives to harass me
and my wife in many locations including the Basilica at 400 Virgen de San Juan Boulevard, San Juan, TX 78589. The fbi sent a female assassin into the Church to assault me and also spread calumny with the security on campus where we regularly visit. My wife is a devout Catholic.
We reported the illegal offenses today to a Padre, to Chief Suarez, and to Erin (assistant to Father Amador.

Thank you kindly for accepting this data FYI.


Background on me:





homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: 9565091454
address: address: USA