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May Goodwill Prevail In All

...and may others continue their efforts to STOP global murderous tyranny by fbi and cia.
May Goodwill Prevail In All
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Submitted by gsosbee on Mon, 2017-03-06 01:19
May Goodwill Prevail In All

Just because one trips and falls in the journey of his physical life does not necessarily mean that he be far behind in his pursuit of goals. On the contrary, such an apparent disaster as I encountered in 1978 in NYC's extremely and murderously corrupt fbi office actually awakened me to the more significant, rewarding & everlasting meaning, direction & purpose of my life:

To work 24/7/365 for my entire life to expose the evil that spreads quantumly around the world by the most base and disgusting human beings of our time, those in government who commit atrocities and crimes against humanity regularly and systematically.

As the premier global terrorists today, the fbi and cia reach every corner of the earth in all directions and even seek to entangle with their corrupt elements (high tech torture and killing tools) the infinite spaces of the universe. This cannot be allowed to continue.

If any goodness be inherent in mankind so that our species is worth saving, then the heavens or perhaps Providence may STOP man's cruelty in inhumanity to man as I and others have delineated for the past half century. See my thousands of reports online.


...and my papers at:


Thank you and may Providence give aid,comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy & morbid actions and thoughts of fbi, the cia and their partners in crime everywhere. And thanks are extended to those who may share the ideas expressed in this message, such as my wonderful friend, the splendid
BARBARA HARTWELL and the incredible

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