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Four Arrested at Trump Protest in Olympia After Being Identified as Domestic Terrorists

Four people at a Trump counter-demonstration in Olympia, WA were arrested after being identified as domestic terrorists by members the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division that had infiltrated the counter-demonstration.
About 200 Trump supporters and a like number of anti-Trump demonstrators gathered in Olympia, WA over the weekend to express support for and opposition to the policies of the Trump Administration. Four individuals demonstrating against Trump's policies were arrested after being identified as 'domestic terrorists' by members of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division that had infiltrated the anti-Trump demonstration.

The idea that protests in opposition to the policies of the Trump Administration are a form of domestic terrorism has been a consistent theme in the assessments and daily bulletins published by the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division since the election in November 2016. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division distributes a daily email bulletin to agencies in several states and we saw their "Opposition to Trump is Terrorism" theme echoed in a report just a few days earlier: "DES assesses that anger over the results of the 2016 Presidential election continues to be a driver of domestic terrorist violence throughout the United States - as evidenced by rioting in Portland, Oregon, following the election and violence and destruction of property in Washington during the inauguration..."

For many years now the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division has been illegally collecting information about citizens here in the Pacific Northwest, adding our names to antiterrorism databases, and illegally disseminating information about non-DOD-affiliated civilians in their daily bulletin. Although many of us joined in a lawsuit demanding the cessation of the illegal practices of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division, those illegal activities continue to this very day, and their illegal activity is only getting worse the longer they are allowed to get away with their crimes.

According to our lawsuit [Panagacos v. Towery -  https://aclu-wa.org/cases/panagacos-v-towery] Thomas Rudd, head of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division, directed his employees to identify Washington and Oregon residents opposed to military activities in order to facilitate the arrest of these people without probable cause. Thomas Rudd instructed these employees to infiltrate and report on meetings, demonstrations, and private personal events and relationships of individuals in our communities, so that civilian law enforcement agencies would be able to arrest, follow, cite, detain, harass, and compile and transmit dossiers that would facilitate disruption of the local protests and demonstrations - even though those events are protected by the First Amendment.

With the arrests in Olympia on Saturday it seems that nothing has changed. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division is still infiltrating political organizations, disrupting political activities and labeling anyone they disagree with as terrorists.

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division is led by Thomas Rudd and his deputy Daniel Vessels. Contact the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division and make your voice heard. We will not be silenced by being labeled as terrorists by these evil men.

Thomas Rudd, Protection Division Chief, DES, 253-966-6914, 253-307-0185 (cell),  thomas.r.rudd.civ@mail.mil
Daniel Vessels, JBLM AT Officer and Deputy Protection Div Chief Office 253-966-7319, Blackberry 253-320-0271,  daniel.l.vessels.civ@mail.mil

Dox 'Em, Gas 'Em, Paint 'Em, Glass 'Em.
When Tyranny Becomes Policy, Resistance Becomes A Duty

How Do "We" Know All This? 18.Mar.2017 08:59


How in the world would anyone know if some infiltrator passed some information to the police? How exactly? It sounds impossible.

And why "protest" presidents anyway, since everybody knows they've all been lousy?

And this "Joint Base Lewis-McChord Force Protection Division" (of what, pray tell?) has been sued by the ACLU for collecting information? What about Google and Facebook? And as I have said before here, the ACLU is looking less like a legal rights organization and more like a legal version of the Blackwater mercenary militia. Below is a snip from what I posted earlier on a less visible article here at:


The ACLU itself has received massive amounts of funding from George Soros. A February 6th, 2017 article from Zerohedge cited research from LifeZette and the Capital Research Center indicating that Soros's Open Society Institute has sunk over $35 million into the ACLU alone and millions more to other liberal organizations directly involved in filing lawsuits against various policies of Donald Trump all around the country. The massive donation drive is part of Soros' overall effort to "reshape the American justice system" by buying district attorneys in races across the country.

ACLU / People Power -- Join People Power

On March 11, the ACLU is holding a Resistance Training. This event will launch People Power, the ACLU's new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country and take the fight against Donald Trump's policies not just into the courts, but into the streets. We're organizing grassroots events in communities across the country to watch the livestream together. Please join us!

Sign up to learn more about People Power and the Resistance Training livestream on March 11 at 5pm ET. We'll follow up with you about opportunities to volunteer and attend events near you.

So. George Soros gives the ACLU $35 million and they promptly "take the fight against Donald Trump's policies not just into the courts, but into the streets". Of course, if they dispose of Trump, we get -- Mike Pence as president. He would be so much better? Consider:

Vice President Mike Pence voted in favor of the Iraq Resolution, which called for the use of military force in Iraq.

Pence went on a widely condemned trip with Senator John McCain to Iraq in 2007.

In a 2002 statement on the floor of the House of Representatives (reported in the Congressional Record), Pence told his colleagues "... I also believe that someday scientists will come to see that only the theory of intelligent design provides even a remotely rational explanation for the known universe."

"[Indiana governor] Mike Pence's time in office has been so toxic that Hoosier Republicans are publicly begging Donald Trump to save their party," [by getting him out of Indiana] said Drew Anderson, [Indiana Democratic] communications director.

It's Time That They Paid For Their Crimes 20.Mar.2017 19:33


I looked into this a bit and it seems the they were not sued by the ACLU. The were sued by the victims of their crimes, by the people they falsely accused, by the people they had falsely arrested, and the people they falsely called domestic terrorists. The Joint base Lewis Mcchord Force Protection Division is part of the army on the base up in Tacoma, and Thomas Rudd and Daniel Vessels are a couple of criminals who think they can do whatever they want and that nobody will do anything about it.

Are Google, Facebook, and similar companies a problem when it comes to collecting personal information? No doubt they are, but that is a result of a messed up business model. The Force Protection Division however is made up of government agents who deliberately and knowingly violated the law, and even after being told to stop their illegal activities continued to commit crimes against the American people, and are committing those crimes to this very day.

Thomas Rudd lives at 1905 Hanover Dr in Lacey, WA. Daniel Vessels lives at 17606 120th Ave in Yelm, WA. These men and others like them violate your rights and take away your personal freedoms, and have done so year after year. It's time for it to stop, and time for these men to pay for their crimes.

Dox 'Em, Gas 'Em, Paint 'Em, Glass 'Em.
When Tyranny Becomes Policy, Resistance Becomes A Duty

Reality Check 22.Mar.2017 07:28

Anti Terrorist

My point is very simple. The JTTF & FBI are tasked to investigate crimes or plots against the security and safety of all US Citizens. Now don't mistake that statement as a blanket support for the FBI. But so long as people are plotting, planning and committing Terrorist actions. You can't be so surprised when you become a target of Investigation as Domestic Terrorist.
I only know that in so many cases the extreme rhetoric, violence and random racial attacks occurring nationally as a "Anti Trump" statement. Destroying, looting and burning bissnessess. All these high profile acts/ crimes that each group seems to proudly indorse and support one another.

So when you do things that are threatening the safety of the public, then yes you might end up being designated a Domestic Terrorist!

If if makes you feel any better during Obama's watch many Malita,Nationalist and the like all where being probed and harassed by the JTTF/FBI. In most cases most where guilty of having unpopular beliefs. Yet overall were separatist types. The more political outspoken where shut down whenever possible by "Antifascists"
I've see a very intriguing slogan used by so many of these Antifa,BLM,BAMN and Anarchist Bloc Terrorist. Regarding the first Amendment: HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH."And must be shutdown,By Any Means Necessary.
So what has happened with the evolution of thought,time and reality the oppressive act of shutting down the first amendment rights of others,was out!voted.Just look at our new administration, the definition of "Hate Speech" is slowly being reset.
If only that whole stupid attempted bullying tactic was never made a thing.

Now that I actually didn't call Trump a Nazi and spoke against the "Narrative" feel free to talk all the shit the you feel you need. Misspelled words,grammar etc.....