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Fbi, cia, ev.l

For many Americans this government and its servants exemplify evil.
Evil is the malicious and intentional infliction of physical or mental stress or death on another person or animal. The primary defense against evil for many of us is to expose it .


The fbi agents, operatives, street thugs and assassins are always evil doers in their attacks on Targets. As fbi indoctrinate all police in the USA and elsewhere , the entire so called criminal justice system is evil and should be torn down.


These perpetrators engage around the clock in offenses that are interned to harm others . Such barbarity as I have documented in my thousands of reports, papers and posts online is become an integral part of USA's national character .

This means that harmful deeds and thoughts are often encouraged by fbi and their misguided associates against selected victims. In a sense, therefore, the fbi turns our society into a repository for sadistic sociopaths who en queue attack others in terrible ways that cause irreparable harm or death.

For specific data on the evil doers all around us see My Story In Detail , my papers at Academia.edu , & my WRIT, etc. See also


Note that I sometimes refer to evil doers as mental dwarfs as explained here:


...and, as I have suffered extensively for 30 years under the organised crime syndicate that calls itself the fbi, I am a reluctant expert of sorts on the nature of evil as seen in the fbi and cia employees everywhere .

Thank you and may Providence give aid , comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi and cia globally .

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Hacking by fbi 04.Mar.2017 08:13

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

The fbi hacked the word 'intended' in the 3rd paragraph.