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Fbi's psywars

Fbi's psychological operations are, until now, largely unknown to people everywhere

Know this about fbi's very own serial killers:

Gaslighting, the art of making the victim appear insane. 
(See Dr. Holder's false report and understand that he is today a VA doctor responsible for caring for veterans).

Imagine the damage a gang of thugs can do to a human being when that thug is an fbi agent and has a small army of similarly minded hooligans all working to drive their intended victim to distraction or worse. Add to the fbi's official cadre of killers a growing number of ordinary citizens who help fbi to constantly assault the victim in his home and at other locations.


*Neighbors come over to perform vandalism, night time assaults of various kinds including perpetrating strange, often unbelievable games.

EG: Each time I or my wife enter or leave the residence alarms of various kinds are set off in cars and homes; after I notify police of the illegal stalking and malicious activities and the identity of the joker/neighbors, the fbi slightly modifies their  'alarm game' as follows:

Now, the fbi sends their motorcyclist with a very, very loud muffler to drive by my residence at the minute I enter my residence; the sound of the moto causes alarms to sound in parked cars. This type of assault is consistent with gaslighting generally and victims are reluctant to report such an incident.

Meanwhile the fbi monitors my activities in my residence and enters at will to steal items, vandalize property, or plant surprises for me to discover; assaults 24/7/365 for life by DEW (directed energy weaponry) are now extreme.


Further, as these same  fbi thugs/assassins have the approval of a psychopathic federal magistrate judge  (also a de facto Fbi  operative) who authorizes all dirty tricks and **gas lighting operations ( including attempted murder),
the fbi assigns their agents to watch , listen, follow, harass, assault and terrorize their Target everywhere 24/7/35 for life. In one instance the fbi tried to suffocate me to death during one of my hospital stays, all of which were occasioned in my adulthood by the  fbi or by injuries I sustained in service to the overthrown and despicable country that calls itself the usa.

See My Story In Detail for examples of other fbi psychological warfare (psywar) and note that similar crimes continue today with the full approval of Congress & SCOTUS.

I have survived the 'psywar' for decades because constitutionally I am capable of removing my personal feelings from my analysis of the demented & small minds who are 'on my case'.

 Indeed, for many years I was so embarrassed that my country (i.e. USA  as represented by the fbi,  the most powerful police group in USA) would engage in such efforts to drive a person crazy, that I could not bring myself to report the monstrous phenomena. 

Today I realize that
1) the USA no longer exists 
2) the sick minds of fbi, their operatives and many average citizens, in their service to fbi, are a by product of a completely and murderously corrupt & inhumane regime.


*Cesspool of sinister assassins:



 link to austin.indymedia.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: 9565091454
address: address: usa

...and this is the renegade... 03.Mar.2017 10:40


...and murderously criminal group of psychopaths who presume to rule the world.