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Far From Gone: A Timeline of NoDAPL and Other Pipeline Resistance and What YOU Can Do

Near the Standing Rock Reservation, the largest camp is now shut down, its members evicted by a heavily militarized force of cops, Border Patrol/US Customs, and National Guard police using armored cars, armed with batons, pistols, AK 47s, AR 15s, and in previous cases used water cannons, tear gas, pepper spray, concussion grenades, and razor wire against peaceful protesters, including elderly.

Yet the struggle is far from over. Do not be discouraged, as the water protectors are not. For they are not going anywhere. This is their homeland being threatened with poisoning. Protests continue at Standing Rock and elsewhere.
Far From Defeated or Gone:

A Timeline of NoDAPL and Other Pipeline Resistance
and What You Can Do to Help

Near the Standing Rock Reservation, the largest camp is now shut down, its members evicted by a heavily militarized force of cops, Border Patrol/US Customs, and National Guard police using armored cars, armed with batons, pistols, AK 47s, AR 15s, and in previous cases used water cannons, tear gas, pepper spray, concussion grenades, and razor wire against peaceful protesters, including elderly.

Yet the struggle is far from over. Do not be discouraged, as the water protectors are not. For they are not going anywhere. This is their homeland being threatened with poisoning. Protests continue at Standing Rock and elsewhere:

In British Columbia and Ontario, Canada, protests against the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline were going on since 2012, by environmentalists allied with 106 First Nations bands and reserves. Finally, in November 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau permanently ended the project.

Native and environmentalist protested and filed lawsuits against the Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska, and succeeded in defeating it. President Obama shut it down in November 2015. Trump proposed trying to revive it in January 2017.

In Washington State, the Tesoro Savage Vancouver Energy oil terminal expansion has been protested by the Umatilla, Yakama, Nez Perce, and Warm Springs tribes.

In New Mexico, the Pinon Pipeline has been the target of protests since 2013. Navajo protested that it would cross their tribal lands and sacred sites, threatening their water. In December, 2016 the company formally withdrew their application.

In Texas, the Trans Pecos Pipeline has also been protested by Native groups at their Two Rivers Camp. For more, see  http://societyofnativenations.org/tworiverscamp.html.

In Minnesota, Anishnaabe tribal members, environmentalists, and small landowners have successfully defeated one of two proposed pipelines, with the fight against the second ongoing. For more see  http://www.honorearth.org/sandpiper_line_3_corridor.

In Florida, Seminole tribal members have protested the Sabal Trail Pipeline for its destruction of sacred sites and threats to its water supply since 2013. Four water protectors camps are in place since December 2016 in Levy County's Goethe Forest and in the towns of Bronson, Williston and Dunnellon. Over 160 lawsuits have been filed. For more, see

What You Can Do to Help

1. Join the Native Tribes March on Washington on Friday March 10.


Over 360 tribes will march from the Mall to the Capitol building. Allies are welcome. Come peaceful, come respectful, show solidarity.

2. Avoid Exploiters That Feed Off NoDAPL.

These people, sites, and groups divert funds, time, and effort from NoDAPL for their own profit or self promotion:

Andras Corben Arthan, Earthspirit Community-Falsely claims to be doing Native ceremony.

Sean Henry AKA Nanyu Shaabu Eil- Black supremacist claims to be a Native leader.

Anne Wilson Schaef- Cult leader claiming to be Cherokee, long history of abusing followers.

Sylina TaliniYona AKA Sylina Two Bears AKA Sylina Lynch Buehne, falsely claims to be a Cherokee medicine woman and Mayan Shaman, soliciting donations.

Rachel Holzwarth AKA White Eagle Medicine Woman, white imposter claims to be Mohawk.

Jose and Laralyn Rivera AKA Joseph and Laralyn Riverwind, lead a phony tribe and are part of an anti-Muslim hate group, Act For America.

Jim Petruzzi AKA Greywolf falsely claims to be a Lakota healer, diverts money for NoDAPL.

If You Love Native Americans on Facebook- Sells t-shirts falsely claiming to be NoDAPL

Maria Torres profile on Facebook- More fake t-shirts, claims Native, actually Vietnamese.

TheIndigenousPeoples.com-Sells knockoffs of Native t-shirt artists.

NativeThing.com-Also sells knockoffs made in China or Vietnam.

Rise With Standing Rock, a click bait site run by Rave Mehta.

Check  http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?topic=4934.0 for updates.

3. Don't Spread Rumors or Disinformation.

There are many sites that have falsely reported deaths or attacks by police. This makes the public less likely to believe actual police abuses, which have been numerous. Many racist sites have also spread rumors falsely claiming violence by water protectors or there being armed or committing crimes. Always double check the facts before reposting anything on social media.

4. Divest from Banks Supporting the Pipeline.

Many argue this is the best way to win, now that there is a would-be president with financial ties to the company building the Dakota Pipeline. Trump invested over $1.5 million in three companies building it. CEO Kelcy Warren in turn gave him $150,000 in campaign contributions.

The US banks listed below are invested in and will profit from Dakota Pipeline. Already numerous tribes and the City of Seattle have divested.

If you have accounts with any of these, call, email, and write your bank and ask them to divest. State your concerns forcefully and respectfully and that you will close your accounts and urge others to do the same. Then follow up by doing so and tell your friends what you did, urging them to do the same.

Wells Fargo CEO Timothy J. Sloan  timothy.j.sloan@wellsfargo.com  BoardCommunications@wellsfargo.com ph: 866-249-3302
Corporate Office: 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

SunTrust CEO William H. Rodgers Jr.
Corporate Office: 303 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 ph: 800-786-8787
Chief Communications Officer: Sue Mallino 404-813-0463  sue.mallino@suntrust.com

Citibank (CitiGroup) CEO Michael Corbat  Michael.L.Corbat@citi.com 212-793-1201
Corporate Office: 388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013
Ph: 800-285-3000 and 212-793-0710

DNB Capital
U.S. office: 200 Park Avenue, 31st Floor New York, N.Y. 10166-0396 ph: 212-681-3800

The following banks are involved in funding for the entire Bakken pipeline:

Scotia Howard Weil ("Energy Investment Boutique"):
Energy Centre, 1100 Poydras Street Suite 3500, New Orleans, LA 70163
504-582-2500 and 800-322-3005  howardweil@howardweil.com

Citizens Bank Chairman and CEO Bruce Van Saun
Head of Media Relations: Peter Lucht  Peter.Lucht@citizensbank.com ph; 781-655-2289
Consumer Lending, Business Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate:
Lauren DiGeronimo  Lauren.Digeronimo@citizensbank.com ph: 781-471-1454
Corporate Office: 1 Citizens Plaza, Providence, RI 02903 ph: 401-456-7000

Comerica Bank Chairman and CEO Ralph W. Babb Jr.
Investor Relations: 214-462-6831
Corporate Contacts: Wendy Bridges  wwbridges@comerica.com 214-462-4443
Wayne Mielke  wjmielke@comerica.com 214-462-4463
Corporate Office: Comerica Bank Tower, 1717 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Ph: 800-521-1190

U.S. Bank Chairman and CEO Richard K. Davis  richard.davis@usbank.com
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Dana Ripley  dana.ripley@usbank.com
Brand, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sponsorships: Susan Beatty  susan.beatty@usbank.com
Corporate Office: U.S. Bancorp Center, 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402
800-685-5065 and 651-466-300

PNC Bank Chairman, President, and CEO William S. Demchak
Media Relations: Fred Solomon  corporate.communications@pnc.com ph: 412-762-4550
Investor Relations: Bryan K. Gill,  investor.relations@pnc.com ph: 412-768-4143
Corporate Office: 300 Fifth Avenue, Tower at PNC Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

JPMorgan Chase Chairman & CEO Jamie Dimon  jamie.dimon@jpmchase.com 212-270-1111
Corporate Contacts: Andrew Gray  andrew.s.gray@jpmchase.com
Jennifer Lavoie  jennifer.h.lavoie@jpmchase.com
Brian Marchiony  brian.j.marchiony@jpmorgan.com
Corporate Office: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017-2014

Bank of America Pres, CEO, Chairman Brian Moynihan  brian.t.moynihan@bankofamerica.com
Executive Relations, Office of the CEO: Matthew Task ph: 813-805-4873
Corporate Office: 100 N Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28255

Compass Bank, Chairman and CEO Manolo Sanchez
Director of External Communications: Christina Anderson  christina.anderson@bbva.com
Communications: Al Ortiz  al.ortiz@bbva.com ph: 281-433-5640
Corporate Office: 15 S 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35233 ph: 205-297-1986

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein  lloyd.blankfein@gs.com
917-743-0939 and 212-902-0593
Media Contacts Americas: 212-902-5400
Corporate Address: Goldman, Sachs & Co., 200 West Street, NY, NY 10282 ph: 212-902-1000

Morgan Stanley CEO James P. Gorman  jgorman@morganstanley.com ph: 212-761-4000
Corporate Office: Morgan Stanley, 1585 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 ph: 212-761-4000

Origin Bank (formerly Community Trust) Chairman, President, and CEO Drake Mills
 https://www.linkedin.com/in/drake-mills-554a3a20 www.ctbonline.com ph: 318-768-3048
Corporate Office: 3921 Elm St., Choudrant, LA 71227

HSBC Bank Chairman Douglas Flint
Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver  managingdirectoruk@hsbc.com
Corporate Address: 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, United Kingdom
U.S. Office: HSBC Headquarters, 425 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10018 ph: 212-525-5600
Head of Media Relations, HSBC USA: Rob Sherman ph: 212-525-6901

For those with accounts in overseas banks besides HSBC, check to see if yours is on the list at  link to www.yesmagazine.org

5. Petition Your Elected and Appointed Officials.

Your senators and congressmen can be found here:  https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

If you can visit their local offices, do so. If you will be in DC, try to visit them there.

6. Be a Good Ally.

The good news is that camps at Standing Rock, and in Florida, Minnesota, and Texas, are far from finished. If you still wish to go:

DO NOT ask others to raise funds for you that could instead go to those already there.

DO NOT use up the supplies there. Bring your own, including weather appropriate clothing, tents, and fuel.

DO follow the directions of Native leaders onsite. This includes no drug or alcohol use, no drums or guitars. This is to protect water, homelands, and sacred sites. This NOT a place for New Age or neo-hippie fantasy role playing.

These are good articles worth reading, and apply to the other sites too.
"Don't Come to Standing Rock If You're Going to Treat It Like Burning Man"
 link to countercurrentnews.com
and "Five Things Every Non-Native Needs to Consider Before Visiting Standing Rock"
 link to matadornetwork.com

Timeline of NoDAPL

July 2014 the Dakota Access Pipeline began construction.

January 25, 2016 Dakota Access LLC received a permit from the North Dakota Public Commission.

April 29 Army Corps of Engineers held a hearing. Natives nearly unanimously opposed DAPL.

July 25 Army Corps of Engineers approved three easements, including the site of ancestral burials site for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Lake Oahe.

July 27 Attorneys for Standing Rock filed a complaint vs the Army Corps of Engineers.
Protestors began arriving from across the US to a makeshift camp.

August 31 The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues published a statement in support of Standing Rock.

September 3 Security for Dakota Access pepper sprayed 30 protectors. 6-12 protectors were attacked and bitten by security dogs.

September 6, Brian Cladoosby, President of the National Congress of American Indians representing more than 500 tribes, spoke to nearly a dozen of President Obama's Cabinet-level advisers at a meeting of the White House Native American Affairs Council.

September 8 Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, received a warrant for her arrest for criminal trespass for reporting on the protests. Charges were later dropped after public outcry.

September 9 A federal judge denied Stand Rock's request for an injunction, but did rule to halt construction to the east of Lake Oahe. The Department of Justice, Department of Interior, and Department of the Army halted construction.

September 13 Energy Transfer Partners pledged to complete the pipeline.

September 26 President Obama met with 500 Native leaders, including discussing NoDAPL.

October 9 Federal appeals court denied the tribe's appeal.

October 25, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II wrote to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking for an investigation of excessive force by police.

October 27 Morton County Sheriffs used pepper spray, tear gas, and sound cannon, arresting 141.

November 14 Department of the Interior and Army Corps of Engineers delayed the final decision on a permit, saying more consultation with tribes was needed.

November 15 Energy Transfer Partners filed a lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers.

November 20 Morton County Sheriffs used water cannons in freezing temperatures, tear gas, and rubber bullets against water protectors. Over 300 were injured, with 26 hospitalized. No warnings or orders to disperse were given. One woman, Sophia Wilansky, nearly lost her arm. Protectors blamed police concussion grenades. Sheriffs at first claimed the injury came from a propane tank explosion, then withdrew that and claimed "homemade explosives."

November 25 Army Corp of Engineers threatened arrests if the site wasn't evacuated by December 5.

November 28 North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple issued an order for expulsion.

November 30 Cops began blocking supplies to the camps. Spokeswoman Maxine Herr said: "... Anything that goes to sustain living there, including food, building materials as well as propane tanks, will be turned back... If they ignore it, they have to live with the consequences of potentially freezing to death."

December 2 Over 3,000 veterans "deploy" to Standing Rock in solidarity with protectors.

December 4 Estimates of as many as 20,000 people in the camps. Religious and political leaders and celebrities joined in celebrating the news that President Obama announced there would be no easement for the pipeline.

December 8-10 National Day to Divest from DAPL. December 8 targeted Wells Fargo.

January 24 Trump signs order urging both DAPL and Keystone Pipelines to begin again. Both Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Tribes vow defiance and call for water protectors to return.

February 1 Police raids and mass arrests at camps.

February 2 BIA, ATF, Fish and Wildlife enter camps by force, order people leave flood plains.

February 13 Cheyenne River and Oglala Sioux file for restraining order, judge refuses.

February 15 North Dakota Governor issues another evacuation order.

February 22 Denied an extension to clean up camp, protectors set fires.

February 23 Cops, US Customs, and National Guard arrest many protectors including elders.

Coming March 7 and 8 Tribal leaders will be in DC to lobby.

>>>Coming March 10, 360 Tribes March on Washington from the Mall to the Capitol.<<<

Opposition to this pipeline is not only tribal, it is national and international, coming from:

Over 80 declarations from other Native tribes;

The National Congress of American Indians representing over 500 recognized tribes;

Indigenous peoples in Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand;

Non-Native supporters in the US, Europe, and Japan;

Numerous religious groups and labor unions;

Over 3,000 military veterans, Native and non-Native, who deployed to support NoDAPL;

Celebrity supporters such as Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Tim McGraw, the daughter of ex President Barack Obama, Malia Obama, and three former presidential candidates; Senator Bernie Sanders, ex Vice President Al Gore, and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

The NoDAPL movement has already been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I was the one who publicly nominated them, as I am eligible to do so as an Associate Professor of History.

Dr. Alton Carroll
Associate Professor of History
Northern Virginia Community College

homepage: homepage: http://standwithstandingrock.net/march/

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