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Help with gangstalking DEW?

I wanted to know if anyone who has been subjected to gangstalking/DEW attacks had any suggestions or encouragement for one who was going through the same experience here in Portland.
I've lived in Portland since 2008. I fled the East coast after being severely harassed because of my political beliefs and convictions. I'm an anarchist. I was politically active out there from the early 2000's til around '06 or so. My name was in the paper revolving around a demo we held out there in 2003. Some individuals close to me betrayed me and bad-mouthed me when I had some mental health probs from all of the character assassination, surveillance, and other COINTELPRO-type tactics I was subjected to. When I moved here, the same game plan was deployed. "They" made up all of these rumors and libel/slander about me, and unfortunately most of the local Left swallowed it without question. I've been stalked, harassed, tortured with sleep deprivation by "neighbors" who stay up all night in teams and bang on the wall in an attempt to drive me out. Most scary of all are the Direct Energy Weapons used against me, which I've read eventually lead to death. This is NOT a "conspiracy theory" but something I've lived for several years. You'll recall some white supremacists had planned to utilize them against Muslims a few years ago. It was on most of the major corporate media outlets. When anyone attempts to discuss this online or in real life, they get jumped by trolls and/or written off as "crazy." Just a sympathetic ear would be nice. - Petrified in Portland.

address: address: East Portland

EMF Harrassment 22.Feb.2017 16:48

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com


Be sure to download the Image in the above cited document for additional details and instruction.

I have not been attacked with Direct EMF since about late 2015, but the last attack led to an emergency room visit which was near fatal.

My sister died of similar circumstances just previous to this on October 2, 2015. Yet, still sustain 24/7 electronic/verbal night/dream-sleep deprivation to this day.

Basically, the microwave kills blood cells as the delicate organisms cannot sustain the stress. These blood cells gravitate toward the lower extremities, feet, hands, anywhere arterial termination occurs, and clog circulation. My sister's previous husband lost toes to what was blamed on diabetes. My sister lost a toe to infection, amputation and MRSA/MSRA infection acquired in the hospital just prior to her death, and after a month of live in care and her threatening to sue the hospital for malpractice died in their care.

The cause, brain asphyxia.

Other major dangerous effects can or will loss of visual acuity up to 35% but can be recovered over time of about 6 months barring any further exposure, also COPD like symptoms of mucus developing in the lungs despite no history of respiratory failure.

Destroyed tissue in the feet may also appear as Cellulitis/Water retention due to effects on fat cells in the body.

I've experienced severe foot hand circulation and breathing problems since the last attack of 2015, with apparent toe loss not far from culmination, yet I have no diabetes history, and my blood sugar tested at my request at the emergency room was at 95.

If you are being, what appears to be subliminally harassed by voice? And it is considered majorly disruptive to sleep? Disconnect your phone service at the Foundation of your Home. Somehow, the network of wires act as an antenna and increase the volume and intensity of their ability to harass.

If you've been unfortunate enough to be micro-chipped at some point of sleep, or unconscious, semiconscious state, the dream police crap will continue basically forever, or until these assholes are killed outright.

2015 Article of Importance

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And yes, I still live in the same fucking shed.

I've been there 23.Feb.2017 08:21

Jody Paulson

I wrote a detailed account about this on Portland Indymedia in Sept. 2004 [  link to portland.indymedia.org

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to protect yourself against these kinds of attacks is through what most would call "spiritual" means. Eastern yogis and martial artists will recognize the very real concepts of "prana" or "qi" which is related to electromagnetic energy. The more you can cultivate this vital energy, the more you will be able to protect yourself against Directed Energy attacks. Practice yoga and/or qi gong, meditate, and cultivate spiritual awareness. That would be my first suggestion.

George Webb is very good at describing, very succinctly, certain things that I've heard about over the years that I never had a name or a term for. Here he is describing "Diffuse and disrupt programs" which ultimately destroyed the lives of journalists Michael Ruppert and Gary Webb to the point of suicide (if you can believe that Gary Webb shot himself in the head *twice*). Check out this video [  https://youtu.be/xCC2XKDU-hY ] at around the 6:20 mark, and this video [  https://youtu.be/RTGG54HeSe8 ] at around the 3:30 mark.