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Damage Assessment

I anticipate that a Damage Assessment be poorly considered by Fbi and cia.
This post is authored by Geral Sosbee,


Damage Assessment 

Fbi mental dwarfs, torturers  & serial killers, under control of their cowardly and self centered associates in Congress and SCOTUS, are incapable of understanding the...

multidimensional effects of fbi/cia attacks on Targets globally:

Actual real facts developing now:

The primary focus of this website is on the threat to National Security of the United States (and the accompanying assault on Humanity) by corrupt and criminal agents of the fbi and the cia. The incompetence and lack of leadership in the fbi coupled with the ever increasing fbi abuses of power within the context of the emerging fbi/cia sponsored global fascist state foreshadow a new wave of human rights abuses (such as arbitrary killings, imprisonings and torturings of good people around the world) and such atrocities are known only to the few surviving victims and to maniacal government agents and operatives functioning subsurface in countries controlled by the centralized fascist state. The fbi's abandonment of respect for constitutional rights of citizens is reflected across the nation by incidents of fbi misconduct and criminal activity; all law enforcement agencies follow fbi dual standards of unbridled arrogance and accelerating decadence. The growing chasm of distrust between the people and traitorous government agents threatens the very fabric of our constitutional government. 
Click Here For Statement On The Intentions Of The fbi Against Targets

Remove cloak of mystery:


World cares about our destiny:


Military supremacy:




Corruption of Courts:

a)  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/fbicorruptionoff.html

 link to austin.indymedia.org

US Congress is cowardly in retreat:


Overthrown USA Government:


Fbi and cia as enemy of the people:


Fbi/cia attacks us from space with inhumane directed energy weaponry with macabre results:


For additional information see "My Story In Detail " , my Writ ,  my sworn Affidavits 2007/2014, and my thousands of reports online.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi and cia globally.

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Geral gsosbee@gmail.com

Statement of fbi international against


United States