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Portland Riot Cops Clash w/ Citizens in "Not My President's Day" Actions

Once again the full brunt of statist-police terror comes to bear here in Portland, OR.
Anti-Trump actions quickly turned violent as units of heavily armed and armored riot gestapo shot "crowd control" weapons at citizens. The police assaults happened during President's Day actions held in downtown - today February 20th. Between 100-300 activists took part in a rally and march beginning around noon. Organized by Don't Shoot Portland, the "Not My President's Day" street action was meant to voice opposition to Trump's fascist advances, as well as repeat demands of justice for Quanice D. Hayes. Hayes was a 17 year old Black teen gunned down by Portland cop Andrew Hearst back on Feb. 9th 2017.

Riot cops fired "less-than-lethal" projectiles at the marchers. They also tackled and arrested several people. Citizen-captured video shows one woman standing off against a wall of riot cops while on the sidewalk, then being apprehended. Police thugs were also captured on video pepper-spraying and roughing up marchers... even as people remained on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, other "Not My President's Day" actions took place around the country, as many thousands of citizens took advantage of the federal holiday to 'Keep The Momentum' and make opposition to Trump known and loud. And while anti-police sentiment was rightfully voiced here in Portland, immigration, women's rights, and climate change were more the focus in other cities. At least 30 U.S. cities saw major President's Day actions, including Seattle, NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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