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The Murder of Quanice Hayes

Hayes was gunned down by officer Andrew Hearst, gang member of the Portland Police Gestapo, (PPG) on Thursday morning February 9th 2017. Hayes was 17 years old and Black. Hearst is White. This racial police murder took place near NE 82nd Ave. and Handcock. More than a week after Hayes' murder, details remain sketchy. With no apparent video recordings and no [known] witnesses, the only account from that day has come from the Portland Police regime. Hayes was shot by Hearst at least three times. On the Sunday following Hayes' murder, about 100 people gathered for a vigil in the teen's honor. Mourners included his mother Venus Hayes, who spoke on her son's behave. On Thursday February 16th, one week after Hayes' murder, hundreds of people held a rally and march demanding justice for Hayes and his killer to be brought to justice. The rally began in the South Park blocks then marchers made their way through down town Portland. Because the march had been "unpermitted" (i.e. you don't need permission from the city to protest injustice), cops in riot gear armed with war weapons harassed the marchers for several hours. One person was reportedly arrested.
According to official statements from the Portland Police Terrorist regime, Hayes' was a "robbery suspect". Cops also produced a replica fake gun, which they claim was found at the scene. Cops must be telling the truth here, because heaven knows police would never plant guns, or other "evidence" on dead suspects in order to justify their killings! Pig Hearst was given paid vacation, following his murder of Hayes. In 2013, Hearst also murdered a man using an AR-15 assault weapon. The victim, Merle Hatch, was going through a mental health crisis at the time. He was reportedly holding a broken telephone receiver, which Hearst had "mistaken" for a deadly weapon. Hearst was cleared of all wrong-doing in that incident. Meanwhile, the Hayes murder case won't go before a grand jury for several weeks, at least.

A makeshift memorial has been set up in between Banfield Pet Hospital and a shuttered DMV building along NE 82nd Ave. in remember the slain teen. Killed By Police.net. Quanice Derrick Hayes is was the 137th victim of police murder this year... so far.

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-murder-of-quanice-hayes.html

Rest in Power 20.Feb.2017 08:43


Thanks for the report on Quanice Hayes the information is helpful in the ongoing battle with the unjust police.

Two-time Killer Andrew Hearst 20.Feb.2017 18:03


Officer Andrew Hearst, the killer of Quanice Derrick Hayes and of Merle Hatch (in 2013) seen here in this photo (in suit):

Hayes - Thug, Theif, Ne'er-do-well 22.Feb.2017 07:18


Police say Hayes allegedly used a replica gun to rob a man sitting in a car near Portland Value Inn of his state food benefits card before fleeing from police on Thursday.

Hayes didn't deserve to do die but apparently his family didn't bother to help him and his actions were very risky.


Misogynist racist violence advocate 'OD' still pimping Portland Indy 2017 20.Feb.2017 00:57


'OD', purveyor of "Kill A Cop For Mommy" posts on the Newswire since mid-2016 appears to be a birddoggin' provocateur here on Portland Indymedia -

not sure whose agency he's operating under.

But we can eventually sleuth that out.

'author' of this article 'OD' is a documented misogynist (QUOTE 'OD': "racist dirty bitch") race-baiting,
ableist ("Trumptard" adding "tard" to the end of words discriminates against persons with disabilities)
hatemonger that advocates violent acts :


Advocating specific acts and threats of physical violence, misogyny, race baiting, implied discrimination towards persons with mental/personal disabilities, and much else.

[quote] "I now see that it is SHILLS for fascist Trump I need to be concerned about!"

[quote] "a racist White"

[quote] "The dirty bitch"

[quote] "racist dirty bitch"

And check out his thread of comments on his own publication here,

The Police Murders Of Terence Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott

[quote] "These goddamned pigs"

[quote] "race-traitors"

[quote] "Black cops should watch their backs"

05.Oct.2016 20:07  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/09/433220.shtml#448042
OD [quote]:
"Of course, the system has ways of devouring said race-traitors. Black cops - and in particular, the cop who murdered Scott - should watch their backs. The Whites have never really had their backs, and since they betrayed their own - one day they will find themselves in a position where no one will be there for them."

Response to / requests for clarification of ^above

More violence provocateur-ing :


The clear "intend [sic]" of OD's trolling on Portland Indy of late is to provoke violent acts. Evidence:

[quote] "stay vigilant and ARMED! Lock and load..."

Now if OD lives up to being the Trump-Trumping-Hillary-supporter that they obviously are, they'd know that Clinton, DNC and leftists want to PREVENT access for free citizens needing to protect themselves, to firearms.

Yet above he urges us to 'stay ARMED', and 'lock and load'.

Either they are trolling, or are ignorant/don't even believe what they espouse.

Furthermore, 'OD' ^^above refers to an "AR-15 assault weapon" -
"assault weapon" is a meaningless propaganda term used solely by those Statists (i.e. supporters of State Violence/Police using Threat of Violent Force) who wish to disarm citizens,
including Black Americans  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/02/434335.shtml

Misogynist, racist, violence-advocate 'OD' ADVOCATES DISARMING OF AFRICAN AMERICANS:

Get your terminology correct 'OD', if you're going to double as a Racist _and_ Violence Advocate.
(also see these 2 videos)

In addition to the misogynist, race-baiting, and advocating-acts-of-violence rhetoric  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433641.shtml#448525

Donald Trump lives rent-free in OD's cranium. OD seems to have a fixation on Trump himself and today after last November's election the sixty million Americans who cast a vote for him (QUOTE: "fuck anyone who voted for him") ....
never mind that tens of millions of them, Republicans included assuredly cast a DT vote simply because the alternative major party candidate was absolutely not an option.
( and thank goodness that worked out for us all the way it did )

information about ^^ poster named 'OD' anyone may find useful: 20.Feb.2017 11:38


(in the 'discussion' thread)

Hayes - The SMEAR Campaign Begins! 22.Feb.2017 18:57


The only account of Quanice Derrick Hayes' murder comes from Portland Police Gestapo. It is THEIR claim that Hayes had a replica gun on him. No word yet as to whether Hayes actually POINTED a fake gun at cops, or if he simply had it on him. No one knows yet whether Hayes was holding fake gun in his hand, or whether it was in his pocket, or if he dropped or threw it away. IN FACT, there is no conclusive evidence that Hayes had any such phony gun on his person at all that morning! Maybe he did, but so far we have NOTHING to go on... other than the word of the Portland Police Terrorist regime.

Keep it mind that cops LIE. Cops plant evidence in order to justify murder! What evidence is there to suggest that Hayes even committed ANY crime that day... that doesn't come from police conjecture???