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Breaking: Miller On Bakersfield Incident

On the issue of the trailer of bomb-grade nuclear waste scheduled for military recycling which traffic controllers found abandoned at a Bakersfield refill stop last night, there is environmental crisis manager Winston Miller on the line.
Q: „Good morning."

A: „It is spent fuel rods, that is fuel pills in conventional metal tubes, which would be melting were they not stored inside thermic absorption units designed to radiate the permanent flow of heat into the surrounding environment. You can imagine the nuclear fuel rod in the reactor like a glass of breakfast spread which you will have to send back to refill already when it is half spent because due to inferior product design the reactor spoon simply cannot get at the rest. When the glass breaks, it is going to be a sticky mess. Once taken out of the cold water, it can break without giving it a look."

Q: „And the military collects the spent barrels to scrape in order to make dirty bombs?"

A: „The containment system goes on a truck, or several on an oversize vehicle, and the load goes from the power station, maybe with a railway hop in between, to a reprocessing facility. And in this case the only path along which the Bakersfield finding would fit goes to a military installation."

Q: „And the driver abandoned the load?"

A: "The footage shows how he leaves the camera view, apparently to look for a toilet, and then he remains gone. The refill owner called for an inspection once the deliberately neutral painted truck came to significantly exceed standing time. The inspection then found it was military-bound nuclear waste."

Q „Where does it come from?"

A: „I have not yet seen any sample analysis, but traffic topology would suggest out of the over-packed fuel pools of Diablo Canyon reactor, where frustrated engineers are glad if the military takes them without sending back a bill and without clear liability and balances and if fire regulators look the other way."

Q: „And why is it left like that?"

A: „The truck driver was not found, neither dead nor alive. Any traceable network devices remained in the vehicle. The vehicle was finally taken care of by a decontamination squad after measurements of heat and radiation. So at the end of the night we are not certain why, except maybe as a gesture to cool down speculation on Diablo Canyon."

Q: „The driver is still missing?"

A: "There is no information on the issue of defection versus abduction, except that the motives thereof are mutually exclusive. Either the driver lost faith in the sense of his job. Or someone with a meddling capacity there lured to kill. In the best case the DC project."

Q: „In case this is something Unitedstates is kind of inflicting upon themselves, such as in the trade towers crash where a wing of their death squads defected and declared war upon them, what does it mean with regard to the so-called anti-establishment administration?"

A: „It is a crown of sharks planted upon an establishment mutiny. Unitedstates got a financial speculator to perform a formally spotless instance of an hostile takeover on them as they failed on their external opponents, in accordance with the rule to give them a double dose of their own medicine."

Q: „And does it work?"

A: „It is amazing to see how weak the shark was when it started. Unitedstates essentially is a business that spills currency, sucks oil and sells death. The job is to take over this rogue business including all its entrenched particular interests, and shut it down in a way that does not harm the rest of the world."

Q: „Example, please."

A: „You see Trump decreeing this or that contrary to the interests of the establishment. It plays out different from the predecessor who decreed with the wind if you like. This is far from meaningless gibberish, although the content thereof may be. It is a practise for the implementation of international legal regulations to shut down military bases for example. The administration of Unitedstates must be brought into a condition where the rider actually rides the horse and not the other way round. The advantage of the shark is that the shark does not believe in its food."

Q: „Do you argue Trump?"

A: „Trump does not make sense but way. Like the compressor in the church organ does not make music. When they need someone to make sense you might find it is someone who cannot make way. But that becomes an internal issue."

Q: „Come on."

A: „We need to give them internal issues in order for them to learn what that is and get able to handle it for themselves without our guidance, as well as to respect it in others. On the small scale, they might surround a few native speakers of us with foreign speakers of them, but in the whole picture we are the many foreign speakers surrounding their native tongue. A clear moral difference, they threaten these on the brink of extinction and we not."

Q: „So Trump being unable to control bomb grade material is merely the tip of an iceberg?"

A: „It is the drop that makes the barrel run over. Obviously when someone defecates in front of the casino entrance you have to change the doorman. Like the American computer firm that delivered their products with the root password ‚manager.' When someone reported a security breach, the first thing they would do is ask have you already changed the manager?"

Q: „What can we do to defeat the remaining establishment racket and make our lands safe for anarchy?"

A: „I hope Trump is repelling enough not to be attractive to anyone than personality cult quitters looking out for a temporary substitute. When you are real, you do not need any of them. These sharks are there to flesh out the establishment."

Q: „Quicker, please speed it up faster."

A: „The problem is what if the heat absorption unit fails. The heat pours out of there by the minute, and if it is not being absorbed properly it is going to melt down everything in an hour. Quicker than you can do anything against it. Or when it is left behind like trash, has it already failed and danger is to spring up soon? That is why the refill owner is so furious about them."

Q: „Why does this matter?"

A: „Despite unreported in fake news, the man said the truck driver talked to him during a coffee break in a slow hour and told him he was planning to drive beyond the mountain. Allegedly he renewed a reserve tire cover. Everything the refill owner says suggests abduction. Quite a moral difference. Defectors are heroes, abductors are scum."

Q: „What does it mean when the establishment cuts the branch it is sitting upon?"

A: „The establishment efforts to harness the man into a credit scheme have already crashed, we are merely seeing the rubble. This situation requires people who are deaf to deterrence but able to echo the language of violence. If that also deters it, so be it. But the actual purpose of it is to set the record straight."

Q: „What can we do from the outside?"

A: „The effect of zero hedge serfdom is that it takes everything that is meant for the children and grandchildren and leaves them with ever more worthless money instead. Zero interest rate means that the assets of the future are being speculated upon as if there was no future. Unitedstates stays permanently close to zero as to suggest it had begun moving away. But the point is to make them increase their interest rates before being able to conquer these they intend to force their fraudulent and murderous currency upon. Then it can shrink and the trade war can end."

Q: „How is it to be achieved?"

A: „All it takes for a sober revaluation is truth to come through. Actually, all targets this dying culture is attempting to entangle have permanently disqualified it and are clearly not interested in someone too dumb to understand his own disqualification. The only thing that still keeps up the dollar bubble are the lies and forgeries suggesting it was otherwise. If you were to believe the fraud, the enemies of Unitedstates were heaping praise upon it."

Q: „And they aren't?"

A: „You name it. That's why it stinks. It is all identity theft and preaching to the choir. Currency is meant to express trust, so when the issuer of the currency is all false then you can effectively scrap the currency, and that is the case with Unitedstates dollar. This is the immediate next step on the road to freedom."

Q: „Will never get away from zero hedge?"

A: „Exactly. What you are seeing by their central bank is all theatrics along the line, if you lead then we will follow and pretend we had led you. That's in a nutshell why they never get anywhere because they made it unattractive to help them. If you were to help them, they would be wasting some of it for damaging your interest in truth and nurture their own vanity."

Q: „But if I want to help them, I mean really help them and not their illusions and deceptions?"

A: „Then help that truck driver for example. Either he left it as is for a good reason, or he was attacked by people with bad reasons. But this is becoming an internal issue. As foreigners, we can only help by dismantling Unitedstates to cease its aggressions against peaceful people.

Q: „What do you propose?"

A: „There has been a flood of false hints to the investigation of the Bakersfield incident. The driver would have been seen here or there, would have sent a message from here or there, or taken a purchase. Almost all of them come from the same source, which is a government office. I propose you prepare for their shock waiting to come upon Americans with the realisation that their world view is not true."

Q: „How can you tell?"

A: „From their imagination of the future. It is as grotesque as the galley slave dreaming of ever bigger galleys. Fossil and nuclear are not for crossing the gravitation barrier. In the idea of looting Earth to colonialise the Solar system you can see barbarians on steroids. This is a grave symptom of capitalist democracy, that is kleptocracy, taking the meaning out of life. Bad people sell and buy surrogates then."

Q: „It's Lenin's destructive forces of imperialism?"

A: „What is to be done to roll back the liar currency and with it the meaningless speculation that threatens your life is the achievement of a consensus in understanding that it only can be successfully replaced after it has been entirely rolled back. That means these who might want to replace it differently can only succeed by putting that goal behind, and when it is rolled back then possible replacements may put those differences behind."

Q: "Huh?"

A:„The biggest phoney replacement, phoney because it does not wait for the completion of the rollback as to put itself ahead of others, is the euro currency. You don't need to look at Greece to understand that these worthless bills basically are occupation food stamps. It is not suitable as a replacement, and so are any trade pacts attached to it, because they are designed diametrically against the proper procedure."

Q: „Everyone has to wait until the big lie has failed completely?"

A: „VCVG says, once everyone agrees what it is it goes away like water vapour in hot air. Everyone interested in truth has to come to agree with each other what it is. To achieve the desired result, he is not giving a definition but instead narrating down the background noise of evil distraction and propaganda lies resulting from the currency burn in order for you and everyone else to come to that agreement in independence."