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McDonald's, The NAACP, WBUR And Allegations Of Racism

questioning the director of a biography of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's
re his relationship with blacks
The Founder, a movie about the founder of McDonald's
The Founder, a movie about the founder of McDonald's
McDonald's, the NAACP And Allegations Of Racism

On Feb 2 WBUR's On Point interviewed the director of the movie The Founder about Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's. In the talk show a woman called to say that blacks were shown in the potential McD franchisers meeting. She asked if Ray Kroc had reached out to blacks. Neither the host nor the director knew.

In actuality, the NAACP sued McDonald's many years ago for a franchiser named Griffis who had been redlined in Los Angeles. He was not allowed to buy outlets in white neighborhoods.

The suit was successful. McDonald's settled out of court. McDonald's has also been sued in Virginia over racism allegations.

National Public Radio owns 200 million dollars in McDonald's stock which causes bias and censorship in its coverage of the harm animal flesh sales do in causing agony to animals as the world's biggest fast food killer of cows, many kinds of human disease, environmental desecration, energy waste etc. McDoanld's fight against the labor unions' demand for a livable hourly wage, its opposition to lawsuits alleging obesity, its worldwide problem with litter are some other issues not adequately covered by NPR.


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