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UC Berkeley

any reports?

have seen some excellent on-scene photography of tonight's action(s) on other sites.

apparently local AntiFa was motivated due to right-wing pundit Milo Yiannopoulos' speaking engagement.
lots of flamage / smashed banks

milo & hate speech 02.Feb.2017 11:22

snowflake anon

Don't know where you have been but...

Snowflake reporting here:
Chicago Review of Books took a stand against Milo awhile back. Simon & Schuster gave Milo a huge chunk for money for his hate speech book. Chicago Review of Books said they would not review or discuss any Simon & Schuster books or authors. They drew a line in the sand against hate speech, white supremacists, etc.

Like the folk who are cancelling their Tesla orders because Elon Musk is working with Trump.

Also, search for news about the shooting at the UW/Seattle a few days ago. Milo was schedule to speak. An anti-Milo person was shot by a pro-Milo person. Milo's stirring up trouble where ever he goes.

Latest reports say it's trump agitators who are calling for violence. Rremember the 'rape Melania" sign held by pro-trump man in NYC who was trying to stir trouble.

Lines are now drawn. The only decision you have left is which side are you on?

Dear White People: Which Side Are You On? 02.Feb.2017 14:17


Trump may be much too authoritarian.

But Trump is not really racist at all.


You should feel ashamed of yourself insisting on what decisions I may have.

I think for myself, and draw my own lines, thank you!

And Remember, I Am A Black Lives Supporter 02.Feb.2017 14:29


And I was perhaps the only white individual allowed to attend Black Panther rallies. Their nickname for me was "Bluesneakers". Hence "blues".

Do not try to draw my lines or paint my mind into a corner!

Pro trump milo gets 03.Feb.2017 09:30


34 sec twitter video clip of the spraying

"Antifa" Is Probably Soros Facsist 04.Feb.2017 21:05


What good do they do?

The only real fascists in the USA are youth groups formerly supported by the fascists in places like the East Ukraine.

The rest are simply lowbrow cosplay gangs. Or motorcycle outlaws.


Correction: The West Ukraine 04.Feb.2017 21:41


You know, the west Ukraine where the NAZI Germans marched through to get to Russia. And convinced some sycophants.

Little history there.