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The Unsung Heroes of American Democracy

This small commentary is my appreciation for the wonderful support my fellow Americans showed us, Muslims, when we felt threatened, thank you
The Unsung Heroes of American Democracy

Since the start of the Presidential campaign, the rhetoric of hate and bigotry created an atmosphere of uneasiness and outright fear among the Muslim community in the United States of America. However, many people brushed the rhetoric as mere politics trying to secure votes. Even some Muslims were willing to give the Republican candidate Donald Trump a chance. In fact, Mr. Trump's victory speech gave a glimpse of hope to many Muslims and a sigh of relief that things may not be the way his rhetoric suggested. Of course, things look quite different in light of the executive order preventing Muslims from majority Muslim countries coming into the United States of America.
Amidst fears of uncertainty and confusions, something remarkable started to happen. This new unprecedented wave of support gave new life to the hopes of millions of Muslims in the US and those planning to come to the United States. This new enlightening breeze of fresh air stemmed from the courage and decency of local elected officials all over the country. Mayors and governors came forward exhibiting leadership and hope to the otherwise hopeless masses of Muslims and other immigrants. The tremendous leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York was blossoming the aspirations of all minorities especially Muslims. Equally, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago showed leadership and optimism to the Muslims of Chicago and immigrants all over the country. Boston became a beacon of freedom after the overwhelming leadership of Mayor Martin J. Walsh assuring the immigrant community not to fear as long as he is the Mayor of Boston. Governors did the same. Notably, Governor Jerry Brown of California stood firm resonating the true American spirits of solidarity with the immigrant community. On the same token Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia showed tremendous leadership defending those detained by homeland security at Dulles International Airport. The judiciary did its job as it was expected in the American democracy defending the rights of immigrants. Federal Judge Ann Donnelly struck down President Trump's Executive Order in favor of the immigrants in danger of deportation. Equally, civil society from ACLU to the smallest advocacy groups took a unified stand defending the true American values.
The most important reaction came from people whether they were famous stars or just regular people; everyone contributed to this outstanding unified stand for democracy and human rights. Michael Moore as always has been on the forefront of these efforts. The women march dwarfed the anti Muslim sentiment by many folds and gave hope of sisterhood and brotherhood to the Millions of Muslims. Finally, the coordinated demonstrations of activists at several major US airports showed to the world that America is much more than Trump and his un-American rhetoric. I as a Muslim-American aim overwhelmed and humbled by the decency of my fellow Americans of all backgrounds. Their support diminished the negative image of the United States of America portrayed throughout this election and showed to the radical forces on all sides that righteousness will eventually prevail.

Dr Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD