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John King: CNN's Biggest Troll for Trump

Since Trump got in, this clown is running the show
The King's King
The King's King
See this face? It's taking over most CNN debates about Trump. "He (Trump) has every right to do what he does, he's just going about it wrong" is his mantra. EVERY RIGHT? The new chief political reporter is a very slick stone cold conservative installed to cover Trump's ass while pretending to respect "both sides". This guy belongs on FOX, but CNN is going down the right lane and becoming more Murdoch-like every passing hour. Babylon is nervous.

Choose your alternative facts 30.Jan.2017 10:43


So the truth is only the truth when it is uttered by your team?

The face you should be worried about isn't the one in front of the camera, its the one behind the camera. That is the face that controls the puppets.

RE: Trump, CNN and corporate mass media 30.Jan.2017 11:09


CNN has already "warned" Trump :

also Trump doesn't care what corporate mass media thinks, does or says. Why, then does rAT?

"respect both sides" is CNN's lame attempt to save their rapidly-failing ratings (click above link). Only 32 percent of Americans trust the media:

MSNBC / NBC (aka Obama News Network) "to become next Fox" 30.Jan.2017 11:20


Media insiders are buzzing that Andy Lack wants NBC to become "the next Fox News" after he poached cable stars Greta Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly from the network.

"He believes he's building MSNBC and NBC into the next Fox. It seems the network wants to take a more conservative tone," a source said.

why? 31.Jan.2017 12:50


I care what the MSM is saying because unfortunately that's where the greatest number of citizens are still taking their political and cultural cues, despite all this crap about how no one trusts the "media" anymore. Blaming the messenger seems to be the newest tactic in the Trumponian playbook. "Alternative facts" as a political defense illustrates the complete lack of rationality embodied in this administration. People may SAY they hate cable news, but everywhere you go there it is. From banks to airports to bus stations to Walmart, CNN, MSNBC and FOX completely saturate the American universe from sea to shining sea. Unbridled political correctness gave us Trump. The Democrats ignored and disrespected the Merle Haggard fans and the people he sang about. No, Katy Perry was the icon of the moment- Hollywood fluff who's cool because she "kissed a girl". If the cable organizations start going fascist too it's going to be all over for us a democratic nation. I don't really expect the regulars on this site to understand what's really at stake here. The CNN chief is the one who green lighted Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" reality show when he ran NBC. The fact that he contacted Trump about their present relationship is scary. The provincial attitudes on this site are alarming.

"where the citizens are still taking their political and cultural cues" 31.Jan.2017 18:36


Therefore you side with Corporate Mass Media in the 'battle' against Trump?

W T F dude?

_this_ is Indymedia.

What is WRONG with you people?

Taking sides _with_ the corporate media, when it is obvious plain as day 1000% that Trump has largely BURNED HIS BRIDGES with his former corp media employers (some of whom have offered to be bought out, for example, to the tune of millions of $$$$ if they could come up with compromising 'Apprentice' outtakes -- remember that from the campaign a few months ago)?

Do you honestly think Corporate Mass Media, (somehow in a delusional universe.....) gives _more_ of a ***K about rAT, Indymedia than Trump?!
i.e. it would be "strategic" to side with _them_ for the duration of TrumpShow?

NOW is the time for revolution. The corporate mass media is so obviously not on the side of the Trump administration. Advance your agenda, for real!

sides? 01.Feb.2017 08:50


I'm not taking sides with the media. That's Trump's thing- going to war with all media. Revolution? Don't make me laugh. I'm from the 60's pal. Been there done that look what happened. Mother Nature will straighten everything out soon so don't fret about it. Tidal waves and quakes are on the way. Good Luck in Volcano land! Trump is the 3rd AntiChrist and the shit is about to hit the fan in a huge way. ps- lemme know when the whole country reads indymedia instead of watching that idiot Blitzer. Typical Indy kneejerk reaction. Che Jr. strikes again.

quit whining about CNN then. 01.Feb.2017 08:54


activists have always been suspect of CNN.
"CNN is going down the right lane and becoming more Murdoch-like every passing hour" --- Who cares, what CNN's "leaning" is? it's corporate mass media period end.

we all have our own reasons to be 'suspicious' of Trump, no need to "get on the side" of corporate media in order to "debunk" him -

he'll be 'debunked' by his own policies / results of policies, in a year or two.