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Trump is the radical, you are the status quo. How did this happen?

You spend years believing you are the outsider, the revolutionary in waiting, then you find yourself wanting only to remain the same.
How is it that you spend your adult life thinking of yourself as a radical, but when a radical that both major political parties, Washington elites hate changes thing you resist?

You are making some unjustifed assumptions 30.Jan.2017 06:01

Mike Novack

WHAT makes you think that the left radicals are now for the status quo?

WHAT makes you think that because we are for change, we would (or should) welcome ANY sort of change?

That "promises change, and things couldn't get any worse so ANY change good" attitude is precisely how some of the figures central to 20th Century history came to power.

In my immediate area, progressives began organizing to fight on (for progressive change) BEFORE Trump won the election << we thought we would be fighting somebody else >>

Did you mean by "status quo" things like the right of women to have an abortion, the limited improvements in health care coverage, taking in our share of the world's refugees, etc. or the slight start toward addressing the ecological collapse problem?

That we will fight to prevent (for example) moving backward on health care does NOT mean that we support the status quo of the ACA, does not mean that we are not still FOR universal "single payer". We are still for change, but the right sort of change.

change 30.Jan.2017 07:39


I'm only stating that the so called left has now found itself on same side as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, The Washington establishment, and the Mainstream corporate media.

Not that its not justified, only that it is.

Not on the same side 30.Jan.2017 08:33

Mike Novack

It is silly to expect even directly opposed political groupings to be on the opposite side of EVERY conceivable issue.

If right wingers think it's a good idea to brush your teeth before going to bed you think we on the left should go to bed with teeth dirty?

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, but we will sometimes find ourselves working together for some common purpose.

right wingers? Trump is anything but a right winger. 30.Jan.2017 10:41


Just look who is lined up against him. Most of the conservatives in congress hate Trump's guts.

You are siding with them. Face it. The circle of political life is now complete.

Portland Indymedia Jan 2014 vs Jan 2017, NAFTA and Trump 30.Jan.2017 11:05


(three years ago) Ironic isn't it?
click link --->  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/01/434208.shtml

Friday, January 31, 2014
Video: Jan. 31 Inter-Continental Day of Action against the TPP & Corporate Globalization
No more NAFTA— 20 Years is Enough!

Doubly ironic, when Indymedia itself began out of the anti-global trade 1999 demonstrations ('Battle in Seattle').

vs today:
Trump To Sign Executive Order On Plan To Renegotiate NAFTA With Mexico, Canada

TPP and NAFTA: Trump Is Speaking Against, Will Cancel TPP

Schumer To Labor Leaders: TPP Is Dead

UAW Seeks To Join Trump In Effort To Dismantle NAFTA

Canada, Mexico Ready To Talk About NAFTA with US


How The Democrats Lost Touch On Trade

We Are All Deplorables

Millions Of Ordinary Americans Support Donald Trump. Here's Why

It is not a line or a circle 30.Jan.2017 15:13

Mike Novack

Only ideologues of the left or the right imagine that the political spectrum is linear (or circular)

There is more than one sort of right just like there is more than one sort of left. And radicals can be of almost any political stripe. Authoritarians can be of almost any political stripe.

I will repeat, if even your worst political enemies are in favor of wiping after sh*tting that is no reason to favor the opposite and go around with a dirty a*. You WILL agree with them about some things.

And gee, I am old enough to remember when the Republicans, while fiscal conservatives, were the social liberals and most of the out and out racists were in the Democratic Party (eg: the "Dixiecrats"). Don't confuse a TRADITIONAL conservative Republican (say ex Goldwater) with what are now called "conservative Republicans" and yes of course, Trump is something else again.

Yes he is a radical. So? Hitler was a radial. A dog is a mammal. A cat is a mammal. That does not mean a dog is a cat.

That does not mean a dog is a cat. 31.Jan.2017 11:27


Doesn't mean Trump is Hitler either.

I was NOT saying that Trump was equivalent to Hitler 01.Feb.2017 05:34

Mike Novack

I was responding to the idea that was being expressed, that ANY radical deserved our support. Could you have suggested a better counter example?

Look, around here the radicals from the Bernie campaign began organizing to carry on BEFORE the general election. Mind, were not figuring on a Trump victory. Thought would be fighting to keep Hillary to the agenda.

Wanting radical change does NOT mean wanting the sort of change the the Trump supporters want. Change in the wrong direction isn't better than the status quo ante. However that does not make progressives into SUPPORTERS of the status quo ante. Radical progressives are not "liberals". At the same time, in the current political context, they will be fighting on the same side of various issues as the liberals, resisting changes in what BOTH such groupings feel to be "wrong direction".