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Really, Mr. Trump - you should THANK Chelsea Manning...

Really, Mr. Trump - you should THANK Chelsea Manning...

...instead of trashing her!
If this low-level, clearly troubled analyst had not been given inexplicably unfettered access to US diplomatic email traffic, our war crimes might never have been exposed to public scrutiny, and culprits such as Hillary might never have felt the need to resort to private email servers to hide Machiavellian misdeeds, plots and schemes concocted on her behalf, and YOU might not have had this issue to campaign upon! (see  link to www.blacklistednews.com).

Trump Believes In The System 26.Jan.2017 09:04


He believes the cops are mostly heroes. And that the whole system can work in a justifiable manner, maybe because the system always worked just fine for him. Of course, the many people who have been screwed over by it because they lacked money and power know quite well that this is just pure hogwash, and that any idealism about the nature of "law and order", etc. is pure nonsense.

This will likely lead to many social problems.