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War against Iran: Reading the Tea Leaves

The Second American Revolution is upon us. Expect them to be reckless.
Trump invites Netanyahu to Washington in Feb. 2017
Trump invites Netanyahu to Washington in Feb. 2017

The Collapse of Capitalism: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Impact of job-stealing robots a growing concern at Davos The futility of harmful Trade Wars "supporters of Donald Trump and Brexit may hope new government policies will bring lost jobs back to America's Rust Belt or Britain's industrial north, economists estimate 86 percent of U.S. manufacturing job losses are actually down to productivity, according to the WEF's annual risks report. "Technology is the big issue and we don't acknowledge that," Mark Weinberger, chairman of consultancy EY, said on Thursday, arguing there was a tendency to always blame trading partners.A University of Oxford study in 2013 said nearly half of U.S. jobs were at risk. Forrester predicts that by 2019, one-quarter of all job tasks will be offloaded to software robots, physical robots, or customer self-service automation.

U.S. investors see more automation, not jobs, under Trump administration When U.S. President-elect Donald Trump criticized United Technologies Corp's (UTX.N) Carrier unit in November for its plan to move some 800 jobs to Mexico, the parent-company made a swift decision to keep the factory in Indiana. Yet, the move did not translate into saving jobs. Instead, the company decided it would move toward automation as a way to cut costs.



A Military Dictatorship

The following images come from Trump's Inaugural address (at about one minute into the speech). Video Here


Trump stops speaking and turns to look behind himself.


Trump lifts his arm and makes a quick hand signal to someone at the back of the podium


Military Troops begin to march down the center aisle.


With the troops now lined up behind him, Trump makes the following remark...

"Today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning. Because today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one party to another¬óbut we are transferring power from Washington, DC."

The symbolic message here is quite clear. The 'we' refers to Trump and the Military Industrial complex, and Trump is letting Congress and Senators know that this will no longer be business as usual, as he is indicating by 'his very special meaning'. It would appear that first the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement and later the surge of anti-capitalism in this years elections have convinced the military industrial complex to come down firmly on the side of Trump so as to defend the very wealthy specially fattened Golden Calf. This has always been the assigned task of the Military Industrial Complex whether they were carpet bombing North Vietnam to flattened rubble or invading Iraq (in recent times) or invading Central American banana republics dozens and dozens of times in the first half of the previous century. This has always been the characteristic behaviour of the Military Industrial Complex and the only difference is that now the anti-capitalist rebellion is found right in the belly of the beast and so, not surprisingly, the American Military Industrial Complex will now be targeting Americans instead of Vietnamese or Iraqis with their socialized nationalist oil industry or Nicaraguans. This is what they do (or, better said, this is what they think they are going to do, but since they are now asking American soldiers to turn on the American people, this will turn out to be more complex than simply barking orders, and could even end in a violent internal second civil war). Apparently they are willing to roll the dice, because top percent fifty percent of the world's wealth specially fattened Golden Calf is in trouble now, big trouble, as you would expect when the pie starts shrinking quite dramatically, and people start looking for someone to be on the receiving end of their fury over that lost and missing pie.

They are in over their heads: Expect them to be very reckless

Ted Rall


The rise of the sciences and the rapid change in technology led to a revolutionary change in social organization which toppled the aristocracy and the fuedal landlord system, and made possible the rise of a new elitist, the capitalists. Now the change in technology is bringing upon us another time of revolutionary change as capitalism is collapsing and has become absurd. Only a lunatic could see a future under capitalism. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for that specially fattened Golden Capitalist Calf. Will these elitist 'bosses', the ruling class and the true power behind the throne go peacefully into that long dark night? It would appear that the answer is no, and this should come as no surprise when you consider the pathological obsession with hoarding all the nickels in the world which has typified the behaviour of that deranged Golden Calf. Let's say that the Golden Calf found a nickel on the side walk. Well that would be the last time you would ever see that nickel. That crazy Golden Calf would just add that found nickel onto its treasured nickel collection, and then go out looking for even more nickels.

While that reckless Calf was pursuing its nickel collecting hobby, people would be losing their pensions. It turns out that the pensions were unfunded for years for given a choice of giving the contributions to the pension fund to the pension fund or giving that money to the Golden Calf to be added onto that Calf's nickel collection, for years and years the Calf was given the pension fund money. Now, alas, the pensions are critically underfunded and the only realistic solution is to cut pensions, and even eliminate pensions altogether like they did at American auto companies, where new hires, in addition to getting Big Mac wages are also getting no pensions. This would then explain the record breaking profits and those great big piles of nickels that deranged Golden Calf has been stacking up in great big heaping stacks (having already collected fifty percent of the nickels in the world and showing no sign at all of stopping now...let them close down more WalMarts as those cash strapped WalMart shoppers wonder where the nickels went...it is like slicing a pie).

The points that I am trying to make here are two fold. First, the end of capitalism has come, as capitalism is going through its own stage of historical degeneration and collapse, and second, we should not expect any sort of sensible response from such a pathologically crazed Golden Calf like that one, taking into account the reckless behaviour of that Calf over the last few decades (for it truly takes a recklessly daring blind hubris for that Calf to think of taking the pension contributions. Keep in mind that a pension is a form of covenant, and that the Calf was obligated under that covenant to see to it that the pensions were funded first, before that Calf started collecting more nickels. This implies that the Calf now owes the pension funds the money that it took in profits or that it refused to pay in taxes, if that happened to be a public pension, but good luck trying to wrangle those stolen nickels out the clutches of that nickel collecting nickel crazed specially fattened Golden Calf. We know that the daring Golden Calf was going to stir up great social unrest and even social fury if it happened to the most sacred obligation of all, the pension, that was being plundered by that Calf, but the Calf wasn't losing any sleep over it because the Golden Calf always felt secure knowing that the mightiest military industrial complex in history was there to play the role of the Al Capone hit-man. Hadn't they always done so throughout history?)

So then to summarize we have had some crazy nickel plundering Calf looting the planet for decades, and now compounding the problem, capitalism is going tits up and is in the process of being flushed down the sewers of history. Capitalism has now become a tail told by a demented idiot, filled with sound and fury, but, in the end, signifying absolutely nothing. They are in over their heads. Expect them to be very reckless.

Of course you know, this means war

In a repeating pattern, throughout history, capitalists have time and again chosen to deal with a crisis in capitalism by pushing capitalist competition to the ultimate extreme, as they take the everyday warfare and beggar thy neighbour tactics of capitalism to highest level of competition, which is competitive warfare between rival cliques of capitalists.

Over the centuries the capitalists invaded and conquered the world like a band of plundering pirates, and in this way they created what is now known today as 'the third world' (for it is pretty hard to be out of deep poverty and prosperous while being mugged and robbed by the mafioso at the same time). So it was that Britain became the main superpower, having sunk the Spanish Armada to make damn sure they were, and Britain alone invaded and looted one quarter of the world. The French had French IndoChina, including Vietnam, and there was the Dutch East Indies, and even smaller countries like Portugal invaded Brazil. What had happened is that Marco Polo went to China, discovered that the Chinese had invented something call gun powder which they were using for children's toy rockets and fireworks. This was then brought back to Europe where the Capitalists saw it and began to wonder what would happen if you shoved a firework up someone's ass and set it off. Thus began the rise of the capitalist military industrial complex and the rapid conquest of the entire planet.

Germany remained a backwards place, still stuck in the feudal landlord era, with the nation chopped up into dozens of little fiefdoms until finally the Prussian War Lord, Bismarck, conquered the little German state-lets and created a unified German nation. Similarly Japan was an insulated, xenophobic feudal system, until gun boat diplomacy was used on Japan in the middle of the 19th century. This triggered off one of the most rapid and remarkable transformations in history, as, in the course of a few decades Japan became a modern capitalist industrial system, and then promptly began building gun ships, that being the point of the transformation. The Imperialist powers did not bother invading Japan, since Japan, like Germany was a resource poor nation with nothing worth stealing other than rice, while Germany had high sulphur poor grade coal and not much else. So it was that both Japan and Germany arrived at the global pie cutting party to late, for the entire world had already been carved up, invaded and plundered by the European capitalists. For this reason when Hitler came to power he found that there was not even one country left that he could invade and plunder. They had taken everyone.

This left German capitalists in a bad competitive situation, for they would have to buy resources at jacked up rates from all the other capitalist cliques, having no source of cheap raw materials themselves. This would make Germany a second rate power forever, unable to compete effectively in the low grade war of day to day capitalist competition for markets. The solution Germany adopted in what became known as World War One was to invade and conquer France, thus inheriting the imperialist colonies of France in the process (for no one was ever going to be willing to each give Germany one colony a piece, thus levelling the playing field...these are capitalists after all, and if Germany wanted colonies as well she would have to fight for them in wars, just like those other capitalists had done...so be it). Japan tried a different strategy and since a really big country like China was the only one that had wisely been left unconquered by the capitalists of the world, in order to avoid a ruinous war with Europe, Japan decided to try to conquer China and would stay away from such alluring prizes as the oil fields of the Dutch East Indies and so on.

These first conflicts solved nothing, and so in the sequel, World War Two, Hitler adopted a different strategy. He would avoid conflict with those other European countries. He would guarantee the British empire, thus making friends with Great Britain, the superpower of Europe at the time, although heavily in debt because of World War One. In exchange all Hitler asked for was 'equality among the great powers', such that the rest of Europe would give Hitler a free hand to invade and conquer Russia, looting and sacking the place, while simultaneously doing all the other capitalists of the world a big favour by destroying the communists. This was an offer Hitler was convinced they could not refuse, especially since, as he warned Churchill, another world war would bankrupt Britain, and, as Hitler correctly predicted would just end up with a cold war between the new superpower the United States and Russia, both of those winding up carving Europe in half. Hitler could not understand how Churchill could not understand these things and be more reasonable, and concluded that the problem must be that Churchill was a addle headed besotted drunkard. The truth was that England had never allowed a rival to rise in Europe, which is how she got to the top in the first place, having crushed Napoleon at Waterloo and sunk the Spanish Armada. Since calculations indicated that Russia would make Hitler number one, with Britain reduced to playing second fiddle, something British capitalists had never tolerated, this meant that Hitler's calculations were off and there was going to be World Pie War Two and Hitler would have to grab some pie while at the same time being forced to fight a war on two fronts, which would turn out to be to ambitious. As for Japan, after Hitler knocked out Europe in a blitzkrieg, Japan saw a rare historical opportunity and promptly bombed Pearl Harbour to knock out the American Pacific Fleet and then proceeded to kick the European capitalists while they were down by stealing from them all their east Asian colonies, even robbing Britain of Burma, thus putting Japan right on the door step of British capitalism richest prize, India.

To summarize the points being made here, a capitalist is a capitalist is a capitalist, and they are still the same old capitalists as ever, which means that when the chips are down they will go to war. This is only logical for capitalists are at war every single day, even at the best of times, and sometimes they escalate to trade wars and then they escalate further to even tougher competition, bombing they competition into rubble, such behaviour just being an escalation of what capitalists do every day as they covet their neighbours market share and plot to rob them blind and bomb them into rubble out in some marketplace.

And so it was that Donald Trump was a liar, and tried to trick the American people into believing that the American Middle class was robbed blind by China and Mexico and that all the money that the middle class once had back in the good old days of the Leave it to Beaver fifties was robbed from them and then spread all over the world to people in different countries such as China and Mexico. This is not true. Back in the great big booming fifties, the glorious good old days of the American middle class, there was no competition, since all the other capitalists had wound up bombed to rubble. There was no need for Americans to join the normative race to the bottom of capitalists competition by being forced to underbid some other country in order to attract a capitalist, because there was no other country worth mentioning after the carnage of that world war. Back in the great big booming fifties there was no Golden Calf. They had one during the Great Depression, when that Calf had 29 percent of the wealth, but the Golden Calf was ground up into powder by high taxes needed to pay for war and then the populations had to drink those bitter waters during the carnage of World War Two, since it turns out that drinking bitter waters has always been part of the process of grinding up some Golden Calf. As the statistics indicate, there was no Golden Calf during the 1950s, when social inequality was at its lowest, which means that the money was divided up among a large middle class. This just makes sense. It is like cutting a pie. That pie can be cut up into lots and lots of little middle class slices, or half the pie can be given to some pie looting Golden Calf, while everyone else wonders where all the pie went. Perhaps the chinks the gooks and the wetbacks stole the pie. This means war.

When Donald says that China stole the middle class pie, he is being a liar, because it was the Golden Calf that saw a great opportunity to get even more nickels by hiring cheap Chinese robot substitutes, this being something that Golden Calf did to make even more money back in the days before robots actually became a reality, thus allowing the Golden Calf to return from China and start building robots in America, where the Golden Calf felt safe. There was no way the Golden Calf was going to trust that Chinese Communist Party with its prized high technology robots, for the only reason that Calf cut a deal with those commies in the first place was because the rent was so cheap, while those Americans insisted that they get such things as pensions, and they wouldn't let you poison the water or kill the very last owl, something a capitalist could do in China, which increased profits even more.

So then to once summarize a point, this is not the Leave it to Beaver fifties, and if Americans wanted to 'make America great again' like it was back in the good old days, that would mean they would have to use the exact same historical techniques employed in the past, and bomb the competition into the ground so that once again the glory days will return and Americans will never again be forced to compete by lowering their bids. However times have changed, and, alas, history just cannot repeat itself for all an American can look forward to now is to build a big wall and then hole up inside a fortress while the place is overrun by real robots, since those cheap Chinese peasants are now losing their advantage because real robots have come along, and they are even cheaper and much faster than even the most hard working cheap Chinese peasant.

That nickel hoarding Calf, who is the personally private owner of half the pies in the world, since possession of pie is 100 percent of the law according to the way the Calf sees the world, would probably want to encourage a war with the gooks and the wetbacks, and sure seems to be telling the most damnable lies to see to it that it turns out that way, because the one thing that Golden Calf does not want is to be outnumbered in a class war fare over those stacks of nickels. That Golden Calf will start looking for salvation. Perhaps the military industrial complex will save that stack of nickels. That is their job after all. And if those people want pit, well then that would mean it must be time for another one of those global pie robberies. Keep in mind that the Golden Calf is at heart a plundering gangster, and so it would just naturally occur to such conniving thief that the solution to the no pie problem that is pissing off the mob would be to encourage that mob to steal China's pie. Thus would begin World Pie War Three. This would benefit such a Mafioso as that Golden Calf in two ways. It would keep people busy while keeping their minds off of that big plundered pile of pension nickels that Calf stole, by keeping this busy trying to steal back their lost pie from those thieving Chinese gooks. As a side benefit it would also cull the herd reducing the population by millions who might otherwise be asking for food stamps, and then the next thing you know some bleeding hearts would be expecting that Calf to start kicking in for donations to that project, thus removing nickels from the treasure stack of nickels, which is something that can just never be done. Oh Lord forbid. It would be outrageous to punish the success of the Golden Calf by taking it nickels, and for that reason if people want nickels they should be expected to go out and rob someone themselves in yet another one of those perpetually reoccurring global pie wars (since wars are never about peace or democracy or high idealism of any kind, since all wars are wars over cutting up pies or just downright stealing pies from someone else so as to get more pies, and so on).

Caught in a time warp

A question concerning the Mind of Donald Trump. Is he caught in a Time Warp? Is he an obsolete outdated bigot who, because of his lack of thoughtful pondering gets stuck like some old phonograph record constantly skipping and repeating that same two seconds of some old song that is no longer on the hit parade. He is going to cut taxes, and give even more pie to that bloated Golden Calf, even though the imbalance has caused such persistent stagnation and no growth, since it was requires consumers, like that booming fifties middle class to power a real booming capitalist economy, for a Golden Calf doesn't go shopping a hundred thousand times a week. And what narrative shall we come up with to recycle this outmoded fossilized Republican nostrum. Apparently that Golden Calf was feeling cash strapped and real tight for money, and only the blessed relief of yet another tax break for that stagnant Calf will serve to stimulate the economy by causing that Calf to perhaps, finally, at long, long last, start to trickle down like we were told it would do when that Golden Calf first began to hoarde all the nickels in the world, or at least as many as possible. Its like a contest or a sporting event where the winner dies with the biggest highest stack of nickels, without having the stack fall over. This will require some very skillful very careful nickel stacking.

Of course there is no money for anything. We just cannot afford it. Go ask a Republican. They will tell you, that the age of austerity is upon us. This is because of the reckless spending of liberals. First they wanted pensions, even for the poorest of old widows. Then they wanted food stamps. Meanwhile the country is going broke because of the irresponsible budget. Reagan had a name for this. He was thinking long term. Starve the beast he called it. Give all the money in the world to that big fat Golden Calf, or at least fifty percent of the wealth of the world as it stands now, while bankrupting the governments of the world. This, Reagan advised, given enough time to work, will bankrupt governments all over the world and this will finally get rid of that dreadful Franklin Roosevelt and that equally abhorrent Lyndon Johnson and his New Deal Part Two, the sequel. It is going to be pretty damned hard for that Golden Calf to carry on with its favorite hobby, a nickel collector, while at the same time old widows get pensions. Something has got to give, and it turns out it was the budget. We are to flat broke now, except for that Calf, who has managed to pile up half the nickels in the world. Which is as it should be, for that Calf loves collecting nickels and piling them up in big stacks, and it would be a kill joy who would want to spoil all the fun by putting that Calf into a bad mood by taking some nickels off that stack. Besides those nickels belong to the Calf, so that would be like robbery. It turns out that the Calf is only real sensitive about robbery when it comes to removing stacked nickels and the Calf only thinks that robbery is a good idea when it comes to applying that same 'starve the beast strategy ' when under funding the pension funds so as to increase dividends and profits paid out to that robbing Calf in more and more of those nickels that can be stacked and stacked until finally, in a glorious finale, that Calf added the last nickel on earth to that stack, completing its hobby in a victorious triumph. And that Calf deserved those nickels because it was a hard working Calf, putting into unbelievable hours each week, working in factories and building this or that, all of which was the privatized property of that Calf, for it would be wrong to rob a Calf of the fruits of its enormous labours. If that Calf wants to work hard ten million hours a week to earn ten million times the wage of everyone else, well so be it. It would be an unconscionable theft to steal that Calf's privatized pile of nickels it had earned through an honest day of hard work.

Patriotism: War with Iran (or war with somebody somewhere somehow)

If there is one sure and certain way to pop a cork into the mouths of troublesome types that would be to start a war somewhere. During a war people have to be patriotic or they will be sent to the gulag. It is standard procedure when you hare having a war. Happens all the time. It is also one hell of a lot easier than just trying to be a military dictatorship and hoping to frighten and bully people into silence, because that doesn't look good, and would only serve to throw gasoline onto an already burning fire.

And if there is one thing that America needs right now, very soon, it is another really good war. The Donald strategy is only one which will buy a little more time for the top one percent fifty percent of the World's wealth specially fattened Golden Calf. Donald has only managed to split the vote of that mob of Bernie types, for they all have one thing in common in that they are just hating capitalism, and a Trump supporter is as angry as a Bernie supporter, and that is why they hate capitalist competition and are looking for some way to cheat the system. If it wasn't for Donald coming along when it did to pull that vote splitting stunt that Golden Calf would find those Bernie Barbarians right at the gate, so it was that, temporarily, the Golden Calf got lucky and delayed the judgement day. And that is all that is was-a delay. Time to make the best of the available delay and start doing some cooking the stove, real fast now. Stalling for time is not a strategy.

To make matters worse, Donald got into office, and that means that suddenly the truth has been exposed, and even people who hadn't noticed before can now see quite clearly that the Second American Revolution is upon us. This then serves to energize people, and strengthen resistance, for now that people know they are not alone and that lots and lots of people are in revolt it creates a process that builds up steam and becomes impossible to put that genie back into the bottle once it has escaped in full view of everyone all over the world.

We have already heard Donald say that he was going to 'wipe Islamic terrorism off the face of the earth.' Thems fighting words. He also said that the Iran Nuclear deal was the worst deal in history. What is his complaint. That is easy to figure out and can be explained in just two words. Hamas. Hezbollah. Of course that weak and timid Obama administration was not going to force Iran to given up on 'supporting terrorism' because Obama was a realist, and as he said at the time, it was the best deal possible under the circumstances.

Who is the first World leader to be invited to the White House by Donald Trump. Netanyahu of Israel. On the very day of Trump's inauguration he authorized expanding the Jewish settlements in Jerusalem. He feels emboldened. Finally, at long last that Obama is gone and now Netanyahu and Trump can sit down and start talking about eradicating the Islamic Terrorism of Iran from the face of the earth. Because you do want to be thorough about these things, and Trump also needs to demonstrate that he is the exact opposite of Obama. He is the strong man. The decisive leader. He is going to spell it all out to Iran. Then Iran is going to say, 'yes, sir, you highness, right away sir.' OR ELSE. Yes, indeed, that Islamic Terrorism will be wiped off the earth, and pretty damn soon, for we will not see Trump dilly dallying or shitting his pants or taking years and years to do this or that. Hell no. Not him. They are in over their heads. Expect them to be reckless. They have nothing left to lose. Expect them to be willing to take big risks. This is the typical behaviour of capitalists all throughout the history of capitalism.

Doing the Political Calculus: Reading the Tea Leaves

Donald has a really big problem. He has found himself shacked up with a mistress who is another man's wife. He is having an affair with that Queen of the Old Testament Horonites, that woman Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab of Israel. She got him elected. If it wasn't for her he never would have squeaked over the finish line. He owes her and she expects to get paid what he promised. He promised her a diamond tiara and a queenship over the land as her dowry and there will be hell to pay if tries to stiff the bitch.

On the other hand there is no way in hell that Jezebel is ever going to sit as Queen of America. You know, for years I tried to tell some people that we were looking at the rise of the Second American Revolution. Apparently they could not hear me. I know that the Democratic Party could not hear me, because I told them eight years ago that this was the last time they were going to be able to pull off the old status quo agenda, but they did not listen, again, and now we have Trump and a rising military dictatorship. It was a bad call. I just rehash this history, now that everyone in the world can see the Second American Revolution coming to a boil, to remind people of their own myopia. For once again I am going to warn those myopic visionaries that if Jezebel becomes Queen of America and receives her dowry from Trump there will be a boiling revolution in America. I say that because I know these people. This is the 21st century in America. Bring that warp minded old testament bitch to power over these people will be a catastrophic miscalculation, and error of epic proportions. You didn't believe me before. Perhaps you won't believe me again. Maybe you cannot see it. Take another look. Think it over carefully. It will sure be fun to watch the awesome results if she does become Queen and that busy body begins meddling in everyone's lives. But Donald is stuck with her and boy oh boy is Donald in trouble now. Take my word for it, or not, as you wish.

Yes, Donald has a problem because he supposed to be throwing water on a fire and not big tanker full of gasoline like that one. But Jezebel expects to get a tiara. She has been dancing and prancing around for almost two months like giddy little bride, trying on wedding gowns and giggling with her bridesmaids. Donald is going to have to deliver, which would be suicidal, but then hell has no fury like a Jezebel scorned. Therefore the solution becomes obvious. He will give Jezebel Iran's head on a plate, because he knows she will really love that. He will also given Israel anything Israel could ever dream of, even in Natanyahu's wildest dreams, and Jezebel will really love that, too.

So then, to summarize, Donald has some really pressing political reasons for war against Iran. He needs to find a good excuse to pull out the mouth cork of patriotism, and justify police state measures, and he also has to find someway to keep that old testament meat sacrificing bitch, Jezebel, happy, without enraging most of the nation by giving her a tiara, which would be a really stupid miscalculation.

Redemption: Restoring the Glory of the Military Industrial Complex

Alas, but it is true that the Military Industrial Complex is in pretty bad odour these days. Everyone is scrambling for the exits. Oh that most treasured of phrases: 'I did not vote for the Iraq war.' Hell, even Donald wants to join the chorus of those visionaries who so clearly saw the truth of that reckless ruinously stupid war, with Donald, being Donald, of course being the very greatest and very wisest and even the most early opponent of that Iraw war, as he is quick to tell anyone who ever asked about it, even when people kept contradicting him by pointing out that at best, he was kinda sorta ambivalent, when he wasn't for it and all in.

Yes that military industrial complex is really stinky right now, and the smell was so bad that Obama could veto any and all suggestions for using that military industrial complex as some kind of swiss army knife of foreign policy, for it was just so clear to everyone that military force is a solution to no problem in the world, and actually is a cause of the problems that the military is then required to fix...sort of a make work program for the military and since the military only ruins everything it touches this makes us wonder why they would have such an enormous society wrecking budget since it should be obvious to everyone that they are quite worthless and really no good for a single damned thing.

Carpet bombing Vietnam until they were bouncing rubble and the North Vietnamese were literally living in holes in the ground. This was not a glorious accomplishment. It is clearly revealed by the carpet bombing of Cambodia that violence and death and destruction only hardens people and twists and fucks up their personalities until finally it gives birth to the warriors of Atilla the Hun who could slaughter entire cities, slicing up grandma and little babies, and then spend the evening raping virgins because after such a long hard day of screaming and begging for mercy and slashing and burning, it turns out they were horny and wanted to get laid. Nothing much bothered those fucked up boys. Nothing much bothered the Khmer Rouge as they did a big genocide of millions of Cambodians because they were from the city and not properly rural, thus losing their revolutionary credentials, This was the result of the mind warping perversions created by the horrors inflicted by the military industrial complex. They create hardened ruthless human beings and then they get an increase in their budget to fight that Frankenstein they so clearly created.

And if anyone had ever failed to see the truth before, certainly that endless debacle, that monstrous horror show known as Iraq has really made it clear to everyone just what a fucked up idea it is to send something as soul destroying and mind warping as the military industrial complex.

With everyone ducking for cover and heading for the exits, hoping someone else will take the blame for the twisted monstrosities created by the military industrial complex, it is obvious that the MIC needs to get back some of its lost glories so that it can be glorious again and celebrated for heroism once again, instead of being known, as it stands now, as the creator of Frankenstein. There is one role model for how this could be done, and that is the very first Iraq war.

The first Iraq war was a masterpiece of deceit, and very successful over the short term. They found a very smooth Dick Cheney to be their mouthpiece for that war and he had this talent for lying through his teeth without thought of future consequences. According to the bullshit propaganda spewed out by that Military Industrial Complex, they were finally realizing the benefits of all the trillions and trillions of dollars that had been spent on war instead of being spent on peace on earth, good will to humanity (just think of how wonderful and peaceful the world would be today had things been different, with no grinding poverties and strife and chaos, because they taught the world to sing in perfect harmony, and they bought the world a coke and snow white turtle doves...did not happen, of course, but just ponder the dream for a moment). Yes, this was a new and reformed military industrial complex, ready to put aside the foul stench of Vietnam and the Cambodian genocidal monsters behind them. From now on war would never be the same. As we watched on television some old Iraqi grandma would cross the street and walk down the block, and then, only when that civilian was safe would the military launch that precision laser beamed bomb right straight onto the heads of the bad guys while making sure that no civilians got hurt in the cross fire. The media pundits were gushing with enthusiasm, because they had been listening to that smooth Dick, and were now convinced that the age of humane warring had finally arrived and nothing would ever be the same again. That soured and stinky military industrial complex rose, temporarily, from the stinking cesspool of Vietnam and Cambodia to a height of glory that it certainly hasn't sen since, having once again sunk down into the smelly cesspool of Iraq.

How could it have happened. It turns out that their PR story was bullshit, and they were completely destroying Iraq. You see, Iraq was a mixed economy, part capitalism and part Baathist socialism, and Iraq refused to privatize their state owned oil money and give it to a capitalist. For that reason Iraq become the most modernized and developed Arab nation in the middle east, with water works and electrity and sanitation, all of which that military industrial complex destroyed for no good reason. This was a war crime, according to the fourth Geneva convention, but the American Military Industrial Complex never signed that accord, which means they could do the Ghengis Khan thing and it would still be legal because they refused to sign, wishing to keep the Atilla the Hun option on the table. Imagine what would happen in a large modern metropolis like New York city when some Frankenstein creating outfit bombed the water supply, the sewer system, the electrical system, for as we know human beings in a modern urban environment are vulnerable and helpless without modern infrastructure. So it was inevitable that hundreds of thousands of civilians would die while some smooth Dick brainwashed everyone over the short term by feeding that line of bullshit about the newer gentler military industrial complex that would never ever hurt civilians. Eventually one million Iraqi children would die, and when someone asked Madeline Albright, during the Clinton Administration about all those kids they had killed, she replied, 'it was a high price, but we think it was worth it.' There was no point in denying the truth, because everyone knew about it.

And so it was that Osama bin Laden and his buddies became radicalized Islamic terrorists, having been radicalized by that Genghis Khan thing that had been done to Iraq, and thus began the war against pissed off terrorists, the latest Frankenstein created by the military industrial complex. Even worse was to come for the kids who survived were so brutalized and so fucked up in the head by all that ruthless death and destruction that they themselves grew up to become ruthless pitiless Huns, eventually become the Islamic State, a collection of brain warped ruthless murderers who started out as babies in Iraq and were gruesomely twisted into monsters by that military industrial complex. You hear all manner of asine commentary about Islamic terrorists on the media, and no one, no, no one, not ever asks the question, 'how does a little human baby grow up to become a monster of something as bad as that Islamic state.' No one wants to go there. They don't want to jump into the deep end. They will stay in the shallows and are the types who are always supporting our troops as they 'fight for our freedoms' as they battle their own monstrous creations, something that will, of course, require and increased budget and more and more trillions of dollars flushed down the toilet, along with every human dream for the future.

For this reason it seems pretty easy to predict the conduct of the upcoming Iran war (for does anyone believe that Donald Trump is not going to 'wipe Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.' Or to rephrase the question, does anyone believe that Iran or the Arabs are ever going to stop resisting Israel as Israel continues to knock down the houses of Palestinians and destroy their groves of olive trees, driving out all the natives of the land and robbing their fields and destroying and occupying their villages. Highly unlikely.

What I would expect to see is as follows. Iran will be given a cat scan. Then she will be run through the MRI several times. Then she will go under the knife for some of the smart bomb surgery. When it is all over will the people in Tehran still be able to flush their toilets. Will they be able to turn on a light switch. Will the food in the fridge be left rotting in the darkness. Will the water taps still turn on. Will the people of Iran be given the full Genghis Khan treatment that was given to the people of Iraq, while some smooth Dick lies through his teeth, satisfied just to deceive and trick people long enough to get their war on, with no thought to future consequences when such smooth Dickery was exposed for the scandalous fraud that it actually was?

Will that Military Industrial stink to high heaven, and Donald right along with them? No, I think we will see some of that surgery that we did not see in Iraq, even if they lied to us and told us that this was surgery. This will then be followed by the surprise finale, as the liberals and nay sayers get a pie slammed into their face by Donald Trump, because everyone knows what he is like. Always magnanimous in victory. Watch out for that one, hey. I am warning you. I have been reading the tea leaves, examining the liver of a goat, and this is what I am seeing. in the crystal ball.

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All the "worries" about "communism" were just a giant public relations operation. The reality is that, as Wikipedia, the dictionary that certain people can edit says it:

{Quote} The Russian Federation, commonly known as Russia, is the most extensive country in the world, covering 17,075,400 square kilometres (6,592,800 sq mi), more than an eighth of the Earth's land area.[1] Russia is a transcontinental country extending across the whole of northern Asia and 40% of Europe; it spans 11 time zones and incorporates a great range of environments and landforms. With 143 million people, Russia is the eighth most populated country. Russia has the world's largest mineral and energy resources, has the world's largest forest reserves, and its lakes contain approximately one-quarter of the Earth's fresh liquid water. {End quote} --

That population figure is a bit low -- the real figure including Crimea is about 146,600,000. Still, this is less than half the population of the U.S.

Despite all the endless propaganda, going back far more than centuries, the world has been creating excuses to steal all those vast resources. That is the only real reason why Germany, and also the American neocon "New American Century" fanatics have wanted to conquer Russia. The destruction of Libya was a very similar case.

Donald trump is convinced that the all-out nuclear war that the American establishment wants with Russia is not worth whatever plunder would be gained by such a war. Therefor the American establishment is painting Trump as a "fascist".

Remember, only the people powerful enough to control deep underground military bunkers would survive longer than a week after a war with Russia. I don't have time now to read it carefully, but I do not take this article seriously. Donald Trump is about as likely to be associated with fascism as he is to be associated with Scientology.

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