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Video: J20 Protest in Portland Oregon 3 to 6 PM

J20 Protest in Portland Oregon 3 to 6 PM
Pioneer Square and marching to Waterfront

This is video footage from the J20 protest in PDX Portland, Ore.
 https://youtu.be/14cva-lJAwk (53 min video)

The protest started on Jan 20th in Pioneer Square.
I followed it up until around 6:00 PM
(The protest continued for a few more hours)

The Burnside bridge pepperspray footage is in the last 1/4 of the video

LINKS to out-take clips:
Sheriffs Spray Chemicals on Portland J20 Protesters on Burnside Bridge

1 min out-take Sheriffs Spray Chemicals on J20 Protesters - Portland

J20 It's Just A Camera - Police Block Morrison Bridge in Portland Oregon

J20 - Portland Cop with No ID - Mr. Officer No Name 2017

Outed Pervert in Pioneer Courtyard Square Runs Away - Portland Oregon J20

Videos posted on  http://Portland.Indymedia.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

So Who Was "Your" President??? 24.Jan.2017 21:44


Mafia henchman Lyndon Baines Johnson, mayhaps???

Goin' back to Vietnam???

in all seriousness, Joe 25.Jan.2017 16:40


Yes I realize that your article post to the Newswire merely covers videos and events surrounding J20.

But you chose for your feature picture here a "NOT MY PRESIDENT" demonstrator's sign.

For anyone (not sure ? if primarily Joe Anybody, but) espousing the 'Not My President' meme,

your time to have 'demonstrated' and asserted this was back in July during the Democrat convention. That was when the wool was pulled over your collective (no pun intended...) eyes.


Recommended study / context :

Harvey Weinstein Urged Clinton Campaign to Silence Sanders's Black Lives Matter Message

Recognition Of 2016: Nixon-Level Corruption In DNC Means It's Time to Build A New Party

Democratic Party Attorneys Admit DNC Is Corrupt

Reminder about Bernie Sanders, 2016 Democrat Campaign

The Progressive Movement Is A PR Front For Rich Democrats

Donald Trump's Unique Human Decency On Iraq
From a humanitarian standpoint, the content of Trump's condemnation of the war is outstanding. In fact, to grieve over the lives of Americans but not the people of Iraq is a form of racism. Trump is virtually unique among major politicians in taking this stand on the lives of innocents the US has attacked. He should be praised for it.

As election day approaches, it is time to ignore the noise of the moment and think clearly about the crucial issues facing us, none of which is more important than war or peace. The War on Iraq has been a touchstone for these issues over the last 14 years.

On Iraq, Clinton and her operatives have sought to avoid at all costs an accurate comparison of her position over the last 14 years to Trump's. "What did Trump say?" has been buried by the Clintonites and company. "When did he say it?" has been slyly substituted for it. The time line has been used to equate the positions of Hillary the most notorious of hawks with that of Trump.

Let us have a look at Trump's words as well as the dates they were uttered. And compare them to Hillary's:

Hillary Clinton's Cynical Race Appeals: The Revenge Of Neoliberal Identity Politics

President Bill Clinton on Illegal Aliens, SOTU Address 1995

Democrat Party: Alliance of Wealthy Whites + Low Income Ethnic Minorities

If Working Class Activism Is Such A Resounding Success, Why Did Trump Win?

Establishment Candidate LOST, And You Protest THAT?!

Why The Trump Protests, Like The Wisconsin Uprising, Will Fail

Not my Prez 26.Jan.2017 19:18


The pic I posted of Trump "Not My President" seemed to fit the overall theme and message that emanated from that protest.
I don't think there is a "time limit" for using that meme, I actually feel it is a very fitting slogan as we protest onward.