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Video:Sheriffs Spray Chemicals on Portland J20 Protesters on Burnside Bridge

Sheriffs spray protesters with pepperspray (chemicals) (?) on the Burnside Bridge and also fire non lethal (?) weapons. Portland Oregon.
Around 6:09 PM the J20 Portland Protesters were blocked on the west side of the Burnside Bridge. The sheriffs department (police in riot gear) used some kind of chemical spray on the crowd. They also shot some kind of bean bag or similar weapon at the protesters.

The "spraying & shooting" starts at 3:12 in this video.
This was the first use of chemicals on the J20 crowd, for the evening.

 https://youtu.be/amP7kR-dKSo (video 8 min.)

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Video: 1 min out-take Sheriffs Spray Chemicals on J20 Protesters 21.Jan.2017 14:51

Joe Anybody

Here is the 1 min out-take version of the crowd getting sprayed by the Sheriffs at J20 on the Burnside bridge

 https://youtu.be/VjbQMmc_RT8 (1 min video)