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breaking news - January 20

breaking news - January 20
12:47 to 6:30 PM
breaking news - January 20
6:25PM PST: 6:20 PM on top of steel bridge car stuck on tracks 30 riot squad cops lurking in the shadows jumped into vehicles and have not left the steel bridge
6:16PM PST: 6:15 PM protesters heading south along the waterfront under bridges on the west side on steel bridge the car is stuck on Max track Max not moving either direction
6:09PM PST: Around 6:00 PM please pepper spray protesters on Burnside Bridge after standof now moving towards waterfront under bridge To waterfront 1000 or more loud
5:36PM PST: At 5:30 on second and Yamhill riot squad jumps out and blocks Street protest continues to move north on second
5:21PM PST: 5:21 PM in front of City Hall police are not antagonizing crowds no violence 2 to 3000 people here
5:10PM PST: It's 5:10 AM in the marches heading south through the bus tomorrow just passed McDonald's loud please covering on the sides a block or two away
4:51PM PST: 2 to 3,000 protesters Still in Pioneer Square at 4:51 PM
4:23PM PST: 3 masked protesters arrested - around Pioneer Sq - no sure why
3:17PM PST: Pioneer Courthouse is packed at 3:17 lots of police standing around perimeter ... getting louder lots of signs
2:12PM PST: "RISE UP and Resist Fascism" protest march at 4Pm - no permit at Pioneer Courthouse Square
2:11PM PST: proposed "Flag Burning Extravaganza" begins at 2:30 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square
2:00PM PST: (noon) Small group from Village Free School already protesting. On their way to Pioneer Courthouse Square
1:03PM PST: Almost 100 protesters were arrested so far during and after Donald Trump's inauguration in DC
12:59PM PST: Don't Shoot PDX movement plans 1 p.m. Trump protest march in Gresham: MAX station at 162nd & E. Burnside St
11:40AM PST: Trimet may suspend downtown service early | Mayor says police "well-prepared to minimize disruptions and protect riders."

Nazi Insurgents/Agent Provocateurs 20.Jan.2017 21:19


Don't yet know if it's true, but heard from trusted source that Neo-Nazis from out of town were/are dt tonight. Dressing up as Black Bloc. Can anyone verify this??? I might be wrong, just asking...

3 more breaking news items 20.Jan.2017 22:35


9:00PM: 8:45-ish PPB use gas and flash-bang grenades to clear SW 6th near Pioneer Square
8:54PM: 8:00 pm flash grenades were used by PPB
8:46PM: Gas rubber bullets, grenades NOW. #j20pdx  https://twitter.com/itsmikebivins/status/822664195619647490/video/1

Big Crowd 20.Jan.2017 22:38

thanks 4 asking

was there till 6 and didn't hear or see anything of the nazi topic

women's march - next day 21.Jan.2017 14:45

city is shut down

Hard to quantify Portland's #WomensMarch.
It's massive.

People left the route because it wasn't moving.
Downtown is completely shut down.

12:20 PM - 1/21/17