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Mr Trump Please Remove the $2350 Fee To Demounce US Nationality

There is a $2350 tax to remounce US nationality. It should be completely free.

Dear Mr. Trump, PLEASE LET US GO!!!
America has NOT been great for a very long time. In fact it is the world's chief exporter of violence and violator of civil and human rights; and some of us have had enough, Mr. Trump, and just want to go.

Dear Mr. Trump, PLEASE LET US GO!!!

Please end the $2350 'TAX' to renounce US nationality, which effectively prevents those of us with an average income or who are retirees from renouncing US nationality. Please make renoucing US nationality completely 'FREE OF CHARGE.' You can tax all those who 'WANT' to live here, for this 'PRIVILEGE.' Those of us who are NOT able to pay this TAX, will be forced to resort to other 'EXPATRIATING ACTS.' Please do not 'FORCE' us to do this.

Again Mr. Trump, PLEASE LET US GO!!!

guess its to pay for 19.Jan.2017 12:23


all the people wanting into this country.

Nobody Wants Americans. They Will Take Saudi Terrorists, But No Ugly Americans 19.Jan.2017 16:07


This is a prison colony. No nation on earth wants American prisoners. Unless the have maybe 10 million dollars to offer.

They would never allow you to enter. (Except if you are from Syria.)