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Black Vet FALSELY Arrested By Trump Pig!

Pathetic, greasy, alt-right pricks aren't the only ones getting bold in the wake of Trump's coup of the White House. Clearly, this nation's police forces are feeling [even more] embolden. An innocent Black man was falsely arrested by two NYC pigs back in August 2016. Now, he is suing. And good for him!
A lawsuit filed by 35 year old Najja Plowden alleges that NYC pigs falsely detained and arrested him on August 17th 2016. The suit also alleges that Plowden was subjected to racist taunts and a pro-Trump lecture by at least one of the arresting pigs. Plowden claims that last August, he was taking his dog - a pitbull-terrier mix named Lily Cat - for a late night walk in Crown Heights' Brower park when he was approached by two gang members of the New York Police Gestapo (NYPG). One of the pigs has been identified as officer Nicholas Loweth, who is White. Loweth and his partner (unidentified) asked Plowden what he was doing in the park "after hours". Plowden insisted that there were no such signs posted, indicating "hours". Plus, Plowden pointed out how cops had ignored a White man playing fetch with his dog in the same park, not far away. The cops demanded his identification, but Plowden had left it at home (who needs id when you're just walking a dog?). When they ran his name, an inactive warrant had popped up: a 2013 summons for skateboarding in Union Square park. Plowden explained that both the warrant and summons had been dismissed in court just three months prior. That didn't matter. Plowden was kidnapped. His dog was dropped off at home (Plowden lives with his wife just a few blocks away from Crown Heights' park), and the Brooklyn resident was taken to jail.

Plowden was booked and forced to spend at least half a day in lock-up before seeing a judge. It was only then that the warrant/summons issue from years ago had been cleared up. The so-called "trespassing" charge for which Plowden had been falsely arrested was also dismissed. While in custody, Plowden claims that pig Loweth had subjected him to racist taunts and also lectured him on the virtues of [then candidate] Donald Trump. Loweth is also said to have bragged to Plowden that Trump would "support polices on policing minority neighborhoods", put and end to "abuse of resources", and "clean up NY's ghettos". Plowden was forced to endure this shit for nearly his entire time in jail.

Plowden has since retained attorney Joel Berger, and filed a lawsuit on Friday January 13th 2017 in Brooklyn Federal Court. The suit names NYC, officer Nicholas Loweth, and select other cops and supervisors in charge. It also turns out that pig Loweth has a history. In 2014, Loweth was the defendant in a federal lawsuit in which he was accused of taking park in an assault and fabrication of false criminal charges. That case was later settled for $25,000. Apparently, Loweth was never disciplined regarding this matter.

Najja Plowden is a military veteran who served in Afghanistan. At the time of his false arrest, he worked as an occupational therapist for children with special needs. But now his job is in limbo, because his employer (Department of Education) has declared him "ineligible for assignments" pending his case. All this according to the lawsuit. Btw - not that it matters in the least, but Plowden has no criminal history. The pig son-of-a-bitch who arrested him - Loweth, actually has more of a criminal history than Plowden does! But this is what this case is all about: an innocent man is out of a job due to a false, racially motivated arrest. And the fucking animal who arrested him... is still working. And to be clear, being in a PUBLIC PARK is not illegal! Being in a park at midnight is not illegal! Skateboarding is not illegal! It's very clear: the criminal here is officer Loweth, not Plowden!

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It Is True That Trump Is "Law And Order" 18.Jan.2017 05:53


If you want to change that, you must speak to Trump himself.

If you really care about the miserable police violence, then actually do something. Speak up. Hillary Clinton would have been worse.

Get strategic hedge simple score voting? (Or stop complaining.)

Guaranteed Police-State 18.Jan.2017 19:55


Hard to imagine that Hillary would have been worse. I've always contended that they both are about the same. But I realize that is a minority view. I've gotten into arguments with people because I dared say that there's hardly a dime's worth of difference b/t these two criminal scumbags. But I've pointed out their similarities in a prior blog. Both would promise an enhanced Police-State, no doubt. And the racists bootlickers would have been emboldened no matter what. Except NOW the alt-right now longer talks about a stolen election - because it was stolen in their favor... or so they think. Once Trump starts throwing them under the bus, and with Obama no-longer around to blame, they will implode!

and trump is still a private citizen. 19.Jan.2017 12:25


what magic he most possess.

Adolf Hitler Was Also A Private Citizen 19.Jan.2017 13:02


But he had many people (and bankers, including Prescott Bush, another PC) propping him up. What goes around...