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Inevitable Conclusions

One may reach conclusions from decades of resistance to murderous tyranny; here are a few of mine.
Geral Sosbee
Geral Sosbee
Inevitable Conclusion

For 17 years I have reexamined in detail online precisely how the fbi (in its covert, illegal and inhumane intelligence operations) tortures, drives to near neuroses and desperately tries to murder this Target.

Nevermind that I served on the battlefield this overthrown regime (that today fraudulently calls itself the USA), that I contributed to the general welfare of the USA for over 7 years as a Special Agent with fbi, and that my other life's work from childhood to now reflects the ethics of a dedicated student, worker, and teacher in the humanities and law.

The unconscionable offenses committed by the fbi in its vendetta against me are unprecedented in human affairs and are today employed globally against others whom fbi/cia/nsa/nsc/dod consider as potential adversaries.

I am therefore moved by my resilient nature, by reason, by intuition and by any other benign invisible force of the universe and deity to announce...

...that the murderous evil of USA and all that be ostensibly gained by this regime from its wars, conflicts, battles, tortures, assassinations, etc. are in the final analysis for N a u g h t ;

that such immoral and illegal use of power by this terrorist nation ( as run by quasi human monsters) against human beings everywhere as I have outlined cannot stand.

See my thousands of reports online, including


and Sosbee's 'World In A Box':


I also regret to advise readers of this report that most Americans and those who own the controlled media outlets are responsible for turning USA into the most despicable, macabre and condemnable rulers ever to wield power on earth.

En somme the USA is a malignant cancer on the fabric of mankind and a gross fraud on the world political stage. May Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi/cia's perpetrators of mayhem, torture and murder.

Thanks to my friends, the splendid Barbara Hartwell, Cliff Huylebroeck, Preston James, PHD, et al. for long term support of my labors.

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