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this is call for submissions; call for discourse, for the zine "calling all psychopaths" open to absolutely anything! send me your art and stories!
we don't claim to know anything
we practice anti-professionalism
we can only speak from personal experience
calling all psychopaths
lets take it back
lets take back our brains,,, our perfectly bad brains
we are mental but were not ill
we refuse to be told were sick or crazy
were not sick, were sick of it!
sick of being drugged, made to conform to societies standards of emotional stability and narrow perception of reality
sick of the money driven psychotropic drug industry
that is said to be "science" but is actually a capitalist money making machine
psychiatric diagnosis is not evidence based. it is a tool in dehumanizing us, alienating us from our emotions and instincts, and perpetuating the stigma
misdiagnosis leads to treatment of non existent disorders, leads to an array of side effects, leads to correcting the side effects with another pill
sick of putting trust into 'doctors' because they've gone through the "higher education" system
university: birthed out of capitalism to standardize knowledge, vomitting out phds, perpetuating the social divide and elitism in education
so i say, fuck doctors, fuck professionalism
im sick of it
cause prozac caused "mania" so he prescribed me a mood stabilizer
cause the pills zombified me, dulled my senses, left me flat and emotionless
cause when i fought back he tackled me to the ground, cuffed my wrists and ankles to the bed and stuck a needle in my ass without consent
is this how you treat a "sick" person?
sick of sexism and racism in the mental health system
because electroconvulsive therapy still exists in the us and two thirds of people who receive electroconvulsive therapy are women
because a person of colour in the us is 200% more likely to be diagnosed as schizophrenic than a white person
because when a teenage girl feels deeply, when she rebels, she's diagnosed with borderline personality disorder
... ... ... ... ... .borderline of what?
every one of us is holding onto generations of trauma
the modern version of the homo sapien is twisted
so far from nature, our roots, our hearts,, the animal that we are, here now,
the amount of people diagnosed with depression is increasing exponentially every generation
this is a symptom of the growing consumer culture in the western worl
our baisic human needs are being forgotten, were losing track of the narrative, in a society rooted in artifice
the mental health system is counterproductive in treating our trauma and healing humanity
the priority is not to heal but to oppress
the psychiatrist assists the patient in putting shackles on their nerons
the mental health system represses free thought and is equivalent to the modern day stoning of the witch
we must deprogram society, unlearn what weve been taught
we must call bullshit
i feel the earths rotation
and see that were living in a mass extinction
i hear you
i hear what you feel, it is valid
every little neron in our brains are perfect, perfectly bad
i want to talk about emotions, the fantastical and horrific,
i want to experience my emotions fully without being shamed, without being labelled, without being told i have a "disorder",
i want to explore states of consciousness openly
without being dismissed as the "crazy girl" without being chained down, locked up
i want to create a space where we can openly discuss our experience
being survivors of demoralization and the mental health system
where we can discuss healing, outside a doctors office, on our own terms
lets talk about it!
lets continue to revolutionize the way we see mental health,
lets de-medicalize "mental illness", view it as a social issue,
lets talk about the pysch ward
lets talk about our trauma
lets talk about how the definition of "madness" has evolved throughout history
lets share our most soothing herbal tea recipes
lets talk about being emotionally evolved magicians!
lets listen to each other with open hearts
cause maybe the illness is not personal
but an epidemic of western culture
the system is sick, capitalism is sick, consumerism is sick
and we could be the medicine

send submissions to