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Rule 41 Lets The FBI Watch You Masturbate

Federal Rule of Evidence 41 lets the FBI watch you masturbate.
The recent changes to federal rule of evidence 41 allows the FBI to hack into any and every computer world wide. Many men, especially when travelling, watch porn on their laptops and not surprisingly masturbate while watching it. The rule 41 changes that allow the FBI to hack into any computer worldwide, also gives the FBI the power to turn on your webcam while you are masturbating and record you. This can be used to blackmail you at any time or simply to terrorize and harrass you.

If you don't think the FBI has done similar things in the past, think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Inspite of the documented fact that 1/3 of all married persons have sex outside of the marriage, The FBI recorded his extramarital affairs and threatened to send the photographs to his wife if he didn't commit suicide. Now you don't even have to be a political activist.

Please destroy this monster and its leadership.

If you really are worried about this 08.Jan.2017 05:59

Mike Novack

You could always place a piece of paper over the camera lens. The FBI would be unable to send any command through your computer that would remove it.

But frankly, what an odd position you must be in while using your computer to view pornography that makes this a concern. Most of us would be in a position relative to the camera such that below our waist would not be visible.

If you are a revolutionary 24.Jan.2017 14:27

just me

If you are a real revolutionary - STOP USING PORN!

Use your own mind and imagination....