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Florida Airport Shooter's Background: U.S. Army, Mental Hospitals, and FBI.

There's always a handy Sirhan around when you really need one
crawled out from under a familiar rock?
crawled out from under a familiar rock?
endless fun and games?
endless fun and games?
FBI & Cops:
FBI & Cops: "There was no second shooter"
It took CNN two hours to finally mention that the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter was an active Army Reserve member in Alaska. When pressed by Blitzer Himself,, some official goon admitted that "he walked into an FBI office recently raving about 'something'" and that the agents "made sure he got some psychiatric help". Say WHAAAAT? Shades of Sirhan Sirhan. You know that hanky-panky is in the air when the first commentator on CNN is none other than Harry Houck, ex- NYPD brass and rabid defender of every police shooting that ever happened. He blathers on about "soft targets" like baggage claim areas, and how we must "secure the perimeters" of airports and public facilities to "ensure safety". What guys like Houck really want is car and body scans of absolutely everybody that enters the grounds for any reason. The Israeli model on steroids. Controlling all transportation hubs is always a preliminary step in establishing the capabilities for total police states. The public will be glad to "bend over" to ensure their personal safety, especially after events like this one. Houck wasn't the only one craving uniformed mouse mazes for a public already on edge. Watch. Mega-security will be the big talking point here. The shooter himself will probably join that other Zombie who shot up his barracks in Texas a few years back. Nice comfy cell for life with cable TV and the guarantee of no nosy reporters asking questions. A cozy military psycho ward where he will just disappear into a lobotomized cloud. A great opening act to prepare us all for Trump's official ascent onto the world stage. And of course there were many reports and live tweets about a second shooter, plus video evidence of panicked crowds long after the shooter was in custody. "No second shooter" is the official mantra. They always say that.

just in.. 06.Jan.2017 15:45


CNN: He was stationed in Iraq and wanted to join ISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a shocker! Why am I not surprised?

Probably Another Big FAKE Hollywood Production 06.Jan.2017 20:24


All the "victims" will turn out to have been shot dead in earlier parts of the drama. As usual. The parents will moan and complain about the skeptics, but will never actually sue. as always.

raving 07.Jan.2017 07:45


He told the FBI that the "CIA" was messing with his brain, wanting him to "join Isis". Maybe he was right!

This Turd is too big to flush... 07.Jan.2017 10:23

Bubble Boy

This Turd is too big to flush...

...down the memory hole!

"Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was inside Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Friday when a gunman opened fire killing five people and injuring eight others. And according to Fleischer, were it not for an impromptu "pit stop," he could've been a victim of the attack." link to www.mediaite.com

"In a sad but ironic twist of fate, the Friday mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale -Hollywood International Airport comes one week before Florida legislators planned to debate a new bill allow the carrying of firearms in airports.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported Tuesday that Republican State Senator Greg Steube had introduced SB 140 to the state senate Judiciary Committee, to be considered sometime next week. The bill would repeal existing gun bans on college campuses, in airport terminals, and in government meetings." link to www.mediaite.com