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15-Yr Old Girl BODY-SLAMMED By Sadistic Cop!

The heinous crimes of out-of-control cops never ceases. And with a son-of-a-bitch like Trump having stolen the the White House for the next four years (impeachment not withstanding), you can expect bastard-ass cops to get even more bold!
A 15-year old high school girl was body-slammed by a cop assigned to her school. This violent assault happened at Rolesville High School in North Carolina on Tuesday January 3rd 2017. Rolesville is a suburb of Raleigh, that state's capitol. The victim has been identified as Jasmine Darwin. The pig piece-of-shit who assaulted her is officer Ruben De Los Santos, gang member of the Rolesville Police Gestapo (RPG). Santos was a so-called "resource officer" assigned to the school. This disgusting incident began when Darwin attempted to break up a fight between her sister and another student. That's when pig Santos rushed in and, basically, grabbed the first Black child he saw. This was all captured on video, which went viral after its posting to Twitter.

As you can see, the female student is petite, weighing maybe 100 pounds. Santos, who apparently thinks of himself as a pro-wrestler, is clearly twice the girl's size. Since the video's release, wrestler cop Santos has been placed on "paid administrative leave" (paid vacation). As part of this nation's school-to-prison pipeline, Santos had reportedly been assigned to Rolesville high as a "resource officer" for four years. Darwin suffered a concussion, as a result of having been slammed onto a concrete floor. This story will be followed up if there are any new developments regarding Santos facing criminal charges.

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