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After Truck Bomb, Germany in Disarray

Despite explosives failed to detonate, the impact of a truck bomb that hit a market next to a church in the European nation's current capital has left the country in complete chaos. Fearing to pay the price for its accumulated war crimes, Merkel's totalitarian state is grabbing for every straw, resulting in ever more absurd demands for surveillance access, as a scared population is confronted with the ugly bill of military aggression and official hypocrisy. Only recently a German court has pardoned an air force commander who ordered a similar attack against Afghan civilians. We talked to controversial Imam Thorwald al-Abgar about the political situation there.
Q: "Is it true that the church near the attack site had a Bible problem?"

A: "I have seen the heap. Local clerics had removed some of them every once in a while, but it were getting more and more every day. They have a little difficulty what to make of them, because nobody wants to get filmed trashing them like petition signatures. Yes. That church was one of the sites where resigned Christians laid down used Bibles. Some locals even told me that they had got the impression some of them had been deliberately damaged, while others appeared to have been purchased only for the purpose of the performance. But that is a merely material issue. Every single one of them signifies an individual who has lost his faith. That is why they put them there for the Christian clerics to grasp."

Q: "So when the truck bomber attacked, there already was something going on?"

A: "Absolutely. Over the last years it has happened nearly everywhere, but this had become one of the few sites where they piled up highest, probably due to the connection to the political capital and centralised discourse. The truck attack - as we know the explosives failed to detonate - only came to underline the spectacle that was already developing there. With the advent of the Christmas holiday, and increased business around the church, spectacular photographs of big heaps of abandoned Bibles were only a matter of time, with some even speculating about moving stashes collected at other churches to the place. The truck attack only anticipated that."

Q: "Could it be a false flag meant to spoil an upcoming 'Bible Mount' debate there?"

A: "If it was a false flag then it would not have got a Daesh flag put on it thereafter. But yes, that was very likely the intent of the attacker. The calls for the church to curb its engagement in the military-industrial complex too often get lost in the market noise. The truck bomber risked his life to carve that message into the surrounding market, as apparently not a single one of its participants risked their reputation to write it into the church's guest book. We can take that attack as a sign that the u-boat usury has taken the full circle of escalation. The Bible says that the first step out of the Babylonian captivity was to cease eating the emperor's food. From there it is only a little further to cease using its slaughter instruments. It also says man does not live of food alone."

Q: "What is wrong with Germany that they proliferate those u-boats?"

A: "It's a huge economic temptation, like flooding the market with free beer and taking the monopoly price for meat sales. Some scholars have compared that deal to a lavish luxury car for representation, but that ignores that soldiers are murderers. It is more like the temptation for the British empire in East Asia to pluck the available opium from the Indian market and forcefully inject it into China, with the result of bringing about a superficial aversion, one that is closer to the recipients of the genocidal weapon carriers than to their producers."

Q: "Like in?"

Q: "Please do not interrupt me. That is a bad habit the guild better leaves to corporate liars. Well, there is the possibility to openly reject the toxic asset as a first step. If not it provokes all those arms races with the king down the road purchasing warplanes and the pseudo-king over there purchasing passenger planes, the crown prince taking a fistful of helicopters and all the rest of the catalogue down to the silver bullets. God-damned missile chess. Bitterly clinging to the war economy is Merkel's only consistent orientation in fact."

Q: "Was the target market a rallying point for Merkel supporters?"

A: "It was related to a Christian holiday. But Merkel is as little Christian as Opec is Islamic. In any case, those Bible heaps are merely one side of a nation which claims its identity to be older than the influence of Christianity to the region, and the later crusader state borrowing its name from one neighbour while oppressing another. The other side you can see if you do instead of a church visit a pre-historic Germanic cemetery or other sacred place of indigenous association."

Q: "What is to be found there, heaps of fiction literature?"

A: "Hahaha. No. I found something completely different. I found a showcase example of two local families of different orientation. Of course I took time to visit such a compound. When a family arrived at the place, one of their children fell over my tent. There was no damage, but the parents offered me what they considered an appropriate amount of money. When they did three times, and added a piece of fresh fruit because as their father said unfortunately money is not edible, I took it with the remark that I would look for an opportunity to appropriately pass it on."

Q: "That's a higher level than the average conduct in a traffic accident. What happened then?"

A: "Nothing. No one was angry or anxious at each other, and everyone went their ways. The site was truly inspiring, in the creative sense of the word. When I left though I found that the only way in town to take a shower without purchasing an overnight stay was to get one for free at a homeless shelter, where the handle was broken, so I left their repair donation there. Then I boarded a train, and another family in the next compartment fell over each other's feet.

Q: "Not yours?"

A: "Please. Phombie kids whining over defunct bathrooms and phombie parents changing the subject. They had no connection to the land they live upon but were entirely absorbed by the distorted proportions and deceptive contrasts of commercial surrogate culture. And what they brought up to reassure each other of themselves was all but convincing. At least not to convince anyone of taking their used car for free. Anything taken from an investment slave is an investment ruin. The difference between an alternative and a conventional family could not be any crasser."

Q: "Can you say the fruit-eaters are Pagans and the phombies are Christians?"

A: "No. Connection to the land or not and affinity group association are not that directly related. Neither of them could hold a candle to you or me. Well, one had headlights, the other had cellphones. But what I found to be a significant difference is the amount of stress they inflicted upon themselves. These connected to the land just lived so much happier and healthier and freer as well than these connected to the grid. One were on the territory, the others not even on the map. And if you look at the church it is made of humans. It is, as a whole, challenged by the same choice, whether it puts the land above the grid or the other way around."

Q: "So every single one of these abandoned Bibles piling up there should be considered an offence of the kind of a truck in a crowd?"

A: "They are proof that the church has got off the road ploughing through the crowds like the vehicle, only with some amount of good luck or maybe a Guardian Angel having ensured that the explosive payload did not cause any damage so far. In the aftermath of the attack, have you noticed any church representative admit that now he understands better why Afghans do not like German commanders to get pardoned by German courts for terror attacks of the same kind? Do they still not understand or do they only not admit? No charity donation can compensate for clerical enabling of war crimes or change the disastrous human rights footprint."

Q: "Germany should not wage war?"

A: "No. Germany should not have an army at all. It should completely disarm. That is what is in fact prescribed by diplomacy and international law, only that after Hiroshima the parties of the conflict failed to implement it together. This is the first piece of the planetary military-industrial complex to be taken away in order to dismantle the entire thing, but these with the greatest justification to insist upon it allowed themselves to get corrupted by the u-boat usury. The war finally coming to the capital of that country should be taken as an urgent reminder to prosecute the officials involved in facilitating the fraud. These u-boats in international waters are as dangerous as a truck on a city market, even if they did not carry a payload. Let's see whether the perpetrators like to argue they were not shown which demon they are feeding."

Q: "Which one?"

A: "Mutually assured deterrence is madness. Feeding it in others for blowback revenues is suicidal madness. Hooking up a national economy on that is genocidal madness. Stop it, scrap these, bring them down. And never forget, had anyone told my grandfather that he would have his dearest child only after the Kaiser was gone, he would have had a hard time, but nevertheless there we are."

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Mutual destruction is the answer?