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A Brief Disscussion

The subject of 'free will'.

PS. I'm fervently non-violent.
I've had the occasion to particpate in discussions of 'free
will'. First, it's amazing to me that so few grasp the
concept, and second, because of that lack of grasp, how
many feel it's something they don't have. Face it, to give
'free will' its proper perspective, one must, in the same
breathe, consider one's death. Without death, it's (free will)
inoperative (ask Achilles) and no one has it. No one 'forces' one to do
anything if they're willing to die if they don't do it. Wasn't
that Christ's conundrum and lesson in the crucifiction?
Which brings me to the point of this. One kills because
one wants to kill. One might feel 'obligated' to join the
army, but one isn't 'forced' without accepting the
consequeces. For instance, one might be thrown in jail,
or socially ostracised as consequence... But one can die,
and not 'serve' at all. You're a mercenary for a philosophy
in America lately, whether you volunteered or not, unless
directly threatened.
I'm not proposing, if shot at, to not fire back to preserve
your life or that of others. Just ask yourself why you're
being shot at at all. Who's directly threatened? Isn't this
why Kissinger is such a piloshically bereft ass? Is
Vietnam what they said it would be? WAs it worth the genius that resided in 50+
Would your free will deny them the power? It's (free will)
the only thing, out of it all, that is forever.

Fool or hero?
The treasues of destiny
are exposed and reburied
by the will of the restless sea.
What may be claimed
by a vigilant man
may last for moments
in the waves and the sand.