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PUTIN: The Reincarnation of Augustus Caesar?

Time travel? Reincarnation? Separated at birth?
Trump just doesn't realize who we are up against here. General Patton realized that the same characters from history keep re-appearing in later ages, especially on the world's political and military stages. Putin acts, looks and thinks an awful lot like iconic Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. Trump vs. Putin? It's like putting Little Rascal Alfalfa Switzer in the ring with Ali.

more 30.Dec.2016 16:32



You Want Thermonuclear Armageddon? Really? 30.Dec.2016 18:31


Bother to learn Latin?

Want to destroy all life on earth?
Be always sure you're right -- Then go ahead -- Davy Crockett

You think yourself Davy Crockett?

Think again.

? 30.Dec.2016 20:46


WTF are you talking about?