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Anti Trump Rally San Diego Leaves Broken Finger

anti trump rally in San Diego leaves me with broken wedding finger and the cops refuse to take report
former reporter with portland indymedia and free radio santa cruz
Standing on E and 5th Street on November on 9th I had lived in Horton plaza for 2 weeks. I washed in the plaza and stored my stuff. Halloween had been an early night in the plaza. This night I was watching the anti trump protestors demonstrate at the Plaza. About 30 police officers met the 100 plus crowd with plastic ties and gestapo runner bullet outfits. The protestors where mostly young college students and concerned academia. It was a kind gentle crowd and the police new this. Nothing is going to happen not because there are 30 police officers in Horton Plaza ready to arrest a few dozen die hards who refuse to leave their public space they pay for in order to peacefully assemble. 5th ave in the quarter reminds me of the mayhem on Bourbon Street when we did party like it was 1999. It was 1999.
I was in front the Quad Ale house and sitting on the steps of the luxury car dealership. I was wearing the vintage blue prada someone had left at my table in Horton Plaza. It had the matching prada clutch. My birthday pipe was now empty and weed was just legalized. And I wanted a half a gram to smoke.
I asked a young man, Hey, got any weed! Happy Legalization!

He says fuck you bitch. I am shocked. He reminds me of my kids. When my son Lee cussed at me for the first time, he said, I am so sorry mom. I guess I am ready to move out and live as an adult now. Please understand. I apologize. And I said. Please don't.
But he did. And we stayed in contact.
So I am shocked when this young man who reminds me of our sweet teddy bear son, calls me a bitch. I said, Excuse me? Who are you to call me a bitch. That isn't ok. That is like saying a derogatory word like a racial slur. What if I were to call yo...See More
It was difficult to register that it had happened.
Then I said, What the fuck? Did you just punch me? You piece of shit. (this is actually a gripe of mine about san diego and the fact that they don't provide soap at the war memorial free bathroom so they encourage guest to wipe their piss and feces on this war memorial. its an insult to our fallen dead. all in the guise of punishing lose men and women who are poor or homeless but happen to be mostly korean tourists who the dead were attacking- odd. Anyway shit.) And then I grab his ear phones out so he can better hear me. I said listen to me, you can't treat people this way. He is trying to shadowbox me and encourage me to attack him. I start yelling for the police and a group of people start jeering as someone steals my purse and my calls for POLICE are covered up as he punches me in the left cheek and again I almost fall down. The cops are on 4th and E. 30 cops. And I am yelling, HELP POLICE>
This kid he grabs my finger and breaks my wedding ring.
Not a mark is left on my face. I will show no marks.
I keep yelling Help Police. I run over to the Plaza and report that I am going to chase down the kids on my own for purse because they won't send anyone for my purse or report the crime. Not one of the 30 police.
I ask for an ambulance. They say they will order it. When I return 30 minutes later they did not order an ambulance and I must wait over 1.5 hours for 2 advil and tape.
The ambulance drivers refuse to take me to the hospital despite the punching in the face. They refuse more than 2 advil. While I am there the police start forming to snare the protestors whom I wasn't apart of and take them to jail. I leave the park and hunt down boys who are at the trolley stop. The metro security refuses to report them to the police and told me it was my fault. The boys apologize several times when I confront them and say you can never call a woman a bitch and hit her. It isn't ok and you take away your own rights when you mistreat others this way. I knew it was a small sacrifice but the apology made what followed better.Because the refusal of the police to take any reports for the last two years has taken away all justice in my world
That is my broken ring finger from the night of the Trump Rally. This was San Diego's justice department.
They sent me to jail for sleeping in a tent but when my purse is stollen they won't file a report.