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Official fbi runs unofficial fbi assassins & provocateurs

The fbi's own assassins and serial killers are on the loose in USA and are quite the abomination.
SOSBEEvfbi assassins
SOSBEEvfbi assassins
For 30 years the fbi seeks to silence this whistle blower by torture, attempted murder and continuous provocative assaults. The mode of operation is generally the same, but the circumstances vary.

For example, the official fbi has a fraudulently obtained civil court order to surveil me everywhere I go; the corrupt federal magistrate judge who empowers the fbi to commit covert crimes is a defacto operative who is located possibly Brownsville, Texas.

I previously documented many assaults against me by street thugs such as Alonzo Yanez, Eusebio Contreras, et al. In some occasions I filed police reports on such fbi operatives and on the police who refuse to investigate felonious assaults.

Subsequent to many such assaults, the fbi sends an official agent to tell people that I am under investigation by order of a federal judge. The fbi then turns all authorities (including police, librarians, etc.) hostile and defensive. In the following link I reference such fbi operations which resemble psychotic efforts to at once terrorize me with assassins and pretend to investigate me by well dressed Special Agents.

For additional evidence see the false sworn statement of fbi agent McLean in Los Angeles while the fbi street thugs engaged in 24/7/365 crimes against me and my property:


Today, I met the Director of the McAllen Tx Public Library, a very pleasant person named Kate Horan, MLS. She was helpful and I made reference to fbi assassins. I sensed that the official well dressed female fbi thug also visited with Kate and with her Secretary, as fear or apprehension was evidenced.

The people of the United States generally are ignorant of fbi covert operations run by fbi agents and operatives; too often, the people believe the lies fed to them by official fbi agents.
The truth is that the fbi agents and their operatives are 'up to no good' and use fear and intimidation to turn otherwise honest citizens against fbi Targets such as I.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi agents and operatives everywhere.

Submitted by gsosbee on Thu, 2016-12-29 15:30
The fbi sends the same operatives (who tried to kill me) into the libraries, malls, streets, residences, etc. to continue provocative assaults. Then, the official fbi is notified that new evidence is available against this Target. The fbi interviews covert operatives who present wholly false reports which are presented to the federal magistrate judge; this is the very same judge who is a psychopathic operative for fbi and who seeks to fraudulently imprison the Target.

This type of discreet abomination is repeatedly committed by fbi against this Target. I tried to document episodes with the police in Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen, Texas.
See BPD #1605-4806; McAllen PD # 16-42167;
McAllen PD # 2016-00085424.
The Harlingen PD and UT PD falsified my reports and actively assisted fbi in threats and criminal assaults on my person.
Finally, the federal magistrate judge who empowers fbi in atrocities against me should be jailed, disbarred and required to confess.

phone: phone: (956) 509-1454