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Putin And Trump, Gorbachev And Reagan, Khrushchev And Kennedy, Khrushchev And Eisenhower

Arms reduction when it sounds like proliferation at this particular juncture maybe a hopeful sign
Putin And Trump
Gorbachev And Reagan
Khrushchev And Kennedy
Khrushchev And Eisenhower

By Lloyd Hart

When the WWII forged Chairman of the of Supreme Soviet Nikita Khrushchev first came to office in 1954 he immediately sent a memo to WWII forged President Dwight Eisenhower requesting arms reduction negotiations which president Eisenhower flatly turned down. This I believe was the work of the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower blew the whistle on, on his way out the door showing his true feelings at having had to tell the Russians "No" and giving President John F. Kennedy all the ammo he needed to change course. After all it was Eisenhower that argued against dropping the Atomic bomb on a civilian population and lobbied for a demonstration for all in the world to see fearing an unprecedented arms race. Khrushchev and Eisenhower sort of inhabited the same rarified air in each other's realms and had a fairly good analysis of each other which is why Khrushchev was so disappointed in being turned down by Eisenhower.

This is when Khrushchev attempted arms reduction negotiations by provocation by placing ballistic missiles in Cuba confronting the US with it's Turkish based missiles. The only flaw in Khrushchev's plan was that he didn't calculate far enough. He simply didn't think that the US generals would organize the assassination their own president. With E. Howard Hunt admitting his role in President John F. Kennedy's assassination from his death bed we now know the truth but here we are after President George Bush dumping missile treaties and pushing missile defense to Russia's border arguing over arms reduction again.

Arms reduction when it sounds like proliferation at this particular juncture maybe a hopeful sign as it creates the opportunity to finally discuss and possibly get rid of these nukes, restore UN Peace Keepers back to their former status and radically reduce NATO's mandate. I prey for these conclusions every day.

Having grown up in the time when our western governments kept telling us we were all going to be vaporized by the Russians I have very little patience for the US establishment's flip out at the possibility that Russia and US might become even closer friends. Rather than Bush using the Georgian army as a proxy to start a war within UN protected areas patrolled by Russian troops or toppling the legitimately elected government of the Ukraine in 2004 in the CIA run "Orange Revolution" or his father before him starting a CIA run war in Yugoslavia and then pile on Obama's and Clinton's continuance of Bush regime change policies and a second more brutal CIA run neo-nazi coup in the Ukraine yet unresolved. I get it, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs in Washington as the old world slaps the new world with "The bills you have too pay even for Yesterday!"

Quite frankly I have no sympathy for all those in Washington that ginned up the first cold war nor do I have any sympathy for those that ginned up the war on terror to replace the cold war and I most certainly do not accept the idea of a new cold war with Russia and China to replace the discredited war on terror. So could someone please tell me who these panic stricken talking heads on Fox, CNN and MSNBC think they're fooling with their total BS about Russian hacking after these same people sold the WMD lies and buried the truth about the civilian carnage and CIA torture in the illegal invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq in 2003?

As the people of Aleppo begin to celebrate Christmas openly again it is important to understand that we all want arms reduction negotiations as we will close the door on the future, our children's and grandchildren's future with out constant negotiations. I prey every day that my kids and their kids are spared the nightmarish fear of being vaporized by Russian missiles and that the political crisis created by the Bush Crime Family stealing election 2000 and suborning the Supreme Court in Bush vs. Gore be finally resolved by the US instituting international verifiable election processes so that the well reasoned character of the American people I know, live with, work with and socialize can surface.

With a clean elections Americans will pick well reasoned leaders who will maintain good relations with friends and foes for the sake of peace and prosperity for all. I do not want to return to worrying about the next crazy American president getting the launch codes because the American public are avoiding open public vomiting by not voting. So I beg anyone that reads this to please keep talking because when the talking stops,,,,,,,,,

huh? 28.Dec.2016 11:39


So the Russians stuck nuclear missiles 90 miles from Miami in an effort to REDUCE THE NUCLEAR THREAT? C'mon Lloyd. K wasn't that smart and was entranced by Castro's plans for world-wide military assistance for "revolutions". It was nuclear penis envy on the Russian's part and JFK called his ill-conceived bluff. K almost started WWIII!