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Secrets of fbi's Serial Killers

This post summarizes 30 years of my work to prove that the assassins of the fbi threaten all who seek to protect human rights from human monsters among us.
Secrets of fbi's Serial Killers

I have experienced a lion's share of traumatic events in my life, some in war and most here at home at the hands of the assassins and torturers of the fbi. My experiences as a whistleblower against the den of wolves who call themselves fbi, and who pretend to represent the United States of America (USA), lead me to conclude with the support of overwhelming empirical evidence the following:

That the fbi and their cia associates have in fact overthrown the legitimate government here by stealth and by intimidation of (or rewards to) all employees and officials in all branches and departments of government tripartite; that the inhumane police state is upon us wherein police at every level, together with fbi, are on a crime spree unprecedented in human affairs.

Crimes committed by so called law enforcement include cold blooded murder, torture, forced suicide while being monitored, false imprisonment, macabre human experimentation, et al.). For specific details on these crimes by the fbi/cia/police community see my thousands of reports, posts, papers and articles on line. See furthermore in my documentaries how the police community (trained by fbi psychopaths) cover up crimes committed by the fbi; note also that the entire judiciary (including federal judges and the SCOTUS), all in Congress and most citizens accept the rule by the murderous intelligence services.

I also specifically identify in many of my reports egregious threats and assaults against me by several police personnel (including USPI Knipfing, Texas DPS Rodriguez, Brownsville Texas Police Adrian Posada, UT Police Bleier & Wilson, Cruz) and street thugs/operatives Alonzo Yanez and Eusebio Contreras and many others over a period of 30 years. The gauntlet of felonious assaults against me continues to this moment and I expect such crimes to not stop. I nevertheless embrace the challenge of dealing with the wild wolves and human monsters of the fbi and I envision that my efforts might far outlive me.


Furthermore, I find my own silver lining amidst the hopeless depravity and decadence of today's USA, and I take no joy in filing this report, nor in exposing this nation as a malignant cancer on the fabric of humanity and a big, murderous fraud on the world political stage.


In my reports I also show how the fbi uses bio-chemical-viral agents and Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) to kill or incapacitate their Targets/victims.


The fbi also employs sophisticated psychological operations against the Targets in a way that exemplifies the "gaslighting" phenomena that most of us know causes great trauma.

The fbi also sends men and women who are infected with various diseases (such as AIDS, HIV, HPV, TB, HEPATITIS, etc.) in order to destroy the lives of their Targets. This type of atrocity is perpetrated by fbi's highly trained counterintelligence agents and operatives (serial killers all) who answer to no one; their crimes cannot be proven without their cooperation.

My medical clearances are available at my main website,SOSBEEvfbi, including a recent one here at Academia:


See also my reports on the crimes of aggravated assault, inter alia, by causing the formation of an artificially synthesized by chemical combination a kidney stone in the person of this Target. All such crimes are authorized by a Federal Magistrate Judge who is a de facto fbi operative. All federal judges at every level are aware of these atrocities and approve of them.See my WRIT, etc., online.

So, speak not to me of ' Parens patriae' , because this ungodly regime, the bastard child of the devil himself, seeks to rule the universe by mass murder and other unforgiveable offenses and crimes against humanity.

At the following link is my recent effort to capture for posterity the terror thrust on me 30 years ago by the quasi human monsters of the fbi; their agents, operatives and supporters must not ever be forgiven:


Thank you and May providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all men and women everywhere who are abused, tortured, imprisoned and murdered by the USA's intelligence community and their associates gens d'armes (and police) globally.


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