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On behalf of the antifascist dead

Trumplickers must watch this. Demagoguery does not change.
I stand for the dead who died in glory. Fascism will be stopped cold with a resolute national General Strike January 20th, 2017. Join or get out of my way.


(but not for) Obamalickers? 17.Dec.2016 16:54


where were y'all / everybody,

on occasion of Barry's inaugurals?

speaking of lickers 18.Dec.2016 12:27


Huma still has a job.. LOL

Hillary was toe closest to a fascist in this past election.

Trump Is No Fascist, Just A Rich Old Businessman 18.Dec.2016 14:48


This whole "fascism" thing started with the historian Webster Tarpley, and I have followed it closely for many months. I just don't read Tarpley anymore. The truth about Trump is that he is a flamboyant yet otherwise ordinary successful rich businessman who had to do business with racketeers because he was born into the NYC construction industry.

He could be faulted for a bad attitude about women, but he's 70 years old, so he's way pre-women's lib. The Mexican immigrants never used to be a problem, except now California gives them the right to vote (basically for Hillary Clinton). They will be left to rot now that the election is over. You'll remember her dear husband started wars, passed NAFTA, vastly expanded mandatory minimum jail sentencing, and abused female interns working at the white house. Hillary is 50X more fascist than Donald (and she wants WWIII).

So why bother to protest Trump? We would have had at least a dozen candidates to choose from if we had simple score voting. Why not protest for that?

I Mean The Modern Version... 18.Dec.2016 14:54


....of women's lib.

Necro-AntiFa raises its ugly head 18.Dec.2016 17:10


Obama wasn't 'fascist' enough for the hoodie wearing retardoids,

so now that a reality TV / wrestling star who happens to have inherited dad's business wealth became president it must be time for them to come out of the woodwork.

natch AntiFa, as per usual spends no time whatsoever examining the events of 11 September 2001 (except of course to purportedly "discredit" anyone who doubts the US government's official history) :

boring, boring paid trolls 24.Dec.2016 13:15

Camilo Cienfuegos

Hell yes Trump is a demagogue racist fascist, and we are going to have a great time pulling him down like that statue in Baghdad. Psyops kids--take that paycheck and run! Put all your bots on automatic and take a holiday, read Zinn's People's History, read the Grundrisse, and come out to the side of the people! 2017 is going to be a blast as we shred the pseudo-ideology of the Right with gales of laughter.

I can't wait to loot the Pentagon. I wonder what's in there? ;)