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Rapist Donald Trump and His Collaborators vs Successful Revolution

Successful Revolution Now!
We have to act decisively. All that is good and harmonious in nature demands that conscientious people unite and fight to overthrow the vile beast known as Donald Trump. Hopefully, we will succeed peacefully in the Swadeshi ways of the Indian Liberation movement that overthrew the British; and in a similar spirit, we can look domestically and humbly build upon the successes of the Civil Rights Movement aka Second American Revolution. Even more recently, we can find some encouragement in the tentative achievements of the great Standing Rock Dakota Sioux, who joined by Americans--including military veterans--of all backgrounds, have the temporary support of the Army Corps of Engineers to block polluting, pipeline construction.

But we also have to consider Murphy's Law scenarios. In such situations, people who want to live in a country without a racist rapist as president may have to adopt and implement the successful strategies of the victorious ANC revolutionaries who fought to kill apartheid and free Nelson Mandela.

Let's reiterate, Donald Trump is a RAPIST:

" In a sworn deposition from their 1992 divorce, the former Mrs. Trump claimed that the president-elect in a fit of rage after a painful hair transplant procedure began "ripping out [her] hair by the handful" before violently raping her." ( Trump's war on women: 3 key team members have been accused of physical or sexual violence against women - Salon.com  link to www.salon.com)

Even if you're a racist andor apathetic white man, how can you bear to have this unbearable scum as president? I'm sick of hearing all the semi-apologetic arguments about why he was given the electoral-college-vote, sham victory. Yes Hillary Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate, and sadly sold out too much to corporate interests. But how anyone in their right mind, including so called Evangelicals and some minorities, could have voted for Trump defies all reason that I can summon.

And the fact that the amoral filth on wall street and in corporate America are celebrating his victory
with stock market rallies is beyond sickening.

But "we're in with the wind below" like Rage Against The Machine. Power to the People in the best and most sustainable way. It's time to make the most successful, fecund, and pleasurable revolutions--and thus the most successful, fecund and pleasurable solutions PF holistically--our reality in the best way, as soon as possible and as much as possible.

Making Trump Great Again! 12.Dec.2016 05:57


Here is a link to the first NY Times profile of Hitler in 1922. Politico published the names of the 538 electors. If you sent the article to the electors, they might be shocked at how Hitler's violence was trivialized and that Trump could be a fake populist. Making America Great Again was only a ploy to make Trump great again!


Trump Ate My Cat 12.Dec.2016 08:23


Decades ago I had a little trailer home in the Taconic Mountains wilderness of upper mid-state New York. On one beautiful September morning, Donald Trump, wearing no cloths but covered head to toe with black hair emerged from the wild forest and pushed my little home over on its side like it was a toy. Then he swallowed my dear orange and white cat whole. I will never forget.

Hillary 2012 Make Hillary Famous 12.Dec.2016 09:44



Infinite war


Hillary 2012:

Make Hillary Naked 12.Dec.2016 10:35


The Official Media might lie to you? Even the Fake Left Official Media? Ya think?

The CIA "Left's" Jason Russell

Kony 2012 -- Jason Russell's Naked Meltdown

psyops fuck off 18.Dec.2016 10:14


The trolling-every-comment trick was interesting when it was new, but now y'all have been doing it for years and you even use bots in case you miss a post.

Go suck on your duty weapon.

Tell your commanding officer that suicide is a viable option for a traitor to the people.

We will rise up and we will not be intimidated. Some of the people you trust most are going to turn out to be on the side of revolution.

What will you do then?