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Youth-Led Benefit Concert for Standing Rock (All Ages)

Featuring performances by US [+], Alexis Cannard, Baqi Coles and many more! With guest Native American elder speaking with updates upon a recent return from Standing Rock, Portland youth rally to raise resources and finances for a team of Portlanders to assist at Standing Rock.

Portland, OR, December 8th, 2016: A group of local hip-hop artists are bringing together "PDX HIP-HOP 4 STANDING ROCK," two nights of benefit concerts and a compilation CD to honor the water protectors with their gift of music. The goal is to raise funds and gather supplies for the water protectors who are currently camped in the Standing Rock reservation, North Dakota. A few days after the show, 3 of the main-organizers, Talilo Marfil, Freddy Flowpez and Quincy Davis, will head out to Standing rock to deliver the supplies and the compilation CD, as part of the Standing Rock International Caravan led by Chief Buzz Nelson of the Lakota Pine Ridge and Northern Cheyenne.

On major media networks, recent news has circulated that the pipeline is being ordered by the Army Corps of Engineers to be re-routed and that the fight is over. Many people were suspicious of this, with opposing information on Facebook. The official statement the Oceti Sakowin Camp, from their Facebook page, is: "until we can go to the drill pad and see they've left - this is not over.... If DAPL drills against the Army Corps of Engineer orders, Trump's Justice Department is unlikely to prioritize any lawsuit or penalties levied against DAPL."

After a recent phone conversation with a lead organizer who was on the road trip from Standing Rock, the group confirmed that in fact many of the water protectors will remain throughout the winter and they are in need of support more now than ever. The priorities for supplies have changed and they do not need more clothes or tents. They are in need of: large propane bottles (ideally 25 gallon), propane heaters, meat (protein), wood, canned food and large pots for cooking. If you can donate any of these supplies, please send an email to:  info@cyphercure.org

The main concert will include speaker John Sanchez, member of the American Indian Move- ment and coordinator of the Standing Rock International Caravan. He recently returned from Standing Rock and will share updated information about how people can support and get in- volved. This event will be December 14th at The Raven (21 and up): 3100 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR, and will feature performances by Mic Crenshaw, Mighty, Bad Habitat, Burial Ground Society and many more. (FB event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1405764326100626/)

The youth-led concert will be December 11th at Gilhooligan's (all ages): 10810 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR, will also include a Native American elder with direct information from Standing Rock and will feature performances by Alexis Cannard, Baqi Coles, US [+] and many more. (FB event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/310523332680738/)

These concerts were organized by a small group of passionate hip-hop artists / educators and community activists, representing Cypher CURE, a non-profit formed earlier this year. The "cypher" or circle represents community youth can develop their skills, receive support and mentor- ship for personal growth and engage in experiences in nature. Their mission is to carry on the tradition of hip-hop as a positive and empowering art-form and offer a space for community support and healing. Official website:  http://cyphercure.org/

Donations to support the Standing Rock International Caravan can be sent here:

homepage: homepage: http://cyphercure.org/

Flyer for Event in Portland 14.Dec.2016 13:20


PDX Music Event #StandingRock #NoDAPL

Dec 14th in Portland 14.Dec.2016 13:33


FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: ​​ https://www.facebook.com/events/1405764326100626/

Dec 14 FB information copied here 14.Dec.2016 13:35


Dec 14th - Portland Oregon
PDX Hip-Hop for Standing Rock Wicked Wednesday (benefit concert) at The Raven: NE 31st & Sandy Blvd.

9pm. 21 & over.
$5 - $10 dollar suggested donation (all of the funds will go directly to the cause. Some funds will be used to transport a few of this events' organizers to Standing Rock)

Goal: to spread awareness, raise funds and collect supplies for the Standing Rock Water Protectors to be prepared through the winter months. Most of the funds will go directly to the cause and some will be used to transport a few of this events' organizers to Standing Rock.

- 3-quarter ton truck -- Chevy or Ford
- Large propane containers (ideally 25 gallon each)
- Propane heaters
- Meat
- Large supply of wood for burning
- Large pots for cooking
- Coolers
- Food - canned (lots of protein)

If you can offer a large quantity of supplies of any the above, or any meat, please contact us at  info@cyphercure.org

Supplies (not huge quantities) can be brought to the ongoing drop-off location: Cleveland High School (3400 SE 26th Ave, Portland) -- Room 109 (8AM - 3:30PM, M-F).

Those who cannot make it to the concert can donate to the Standing Rock International Caravan to directly support the cause:  https://www.crowdrise.com/water-is-live-peace-and-prayer-caravan

Performances by:
Mic Crenshaw -  http://www.miccrenshaw.com/
Mighty -  https://www.youtube.com/user/Itzmighty/videos
Bad Habitat -  https://badhabitatmusic.bandcamp.com/
ThatKidCry -  https://soundcloud.com/thatkidcry
Upjump Dance Crew - Donna DonnaMation Oefinger, Katie Janovec (Katie J), Daisy Lim (Lady Arsnl)
Burial Ground Society (Stryk-9 + 2 8 Tha Native)
Blue Flamez -  http://www.blueflamezmusic.com/
DJ Wicked -  https://www.facebook.com/deejaywicked/
Freddy Flowpez -  https://freddyflowpez.bandcamp.com/
Talilo Marfil -  https://soundcloud.com/talilo
Quincy Davis - Rap Artist / Producer -  http://quincydavismusic.com/
Jesse Gardner (Jesse the Imaginer) -  https://soundcloud.com/jessetheimaginer
EgbeVado Egbe

Special guest speaker: John Sanchez - Member of the American Indian Movenment and Coordinator of the Standing Rock International Caravan

Sponsored by Cypher CURE -  http://cyphercure.org/
Contact:  info@cyphercure.org

I guess this is an aside 16.Dec.2016 13:57


Just wondering why it's a thing to announce that this is "youth led." That seems kinda ageist to me. Like, "Rah, it's YOUTH led." So?

(I know, that prolly sounds petty of me. But there are just so many posts on this site lauding shit that's "youth" oriented... in a culture that worships youth and dismisses the elderly. Do we really need to encourage that mindset?)