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Finally, At Long Last... A GOOD COP!

A White prick is facing hate crimes charges after harassing an off-duty female Muslim officer and her son in Brooklyn, NY. A rare case involving a racist asshole getting what he deserves, and an actually good cop!
NYC officer Aml Eloskary, and her 16 year old son were subjected to a hate crime on Saturday December 3rd 2016. This occurred around 6:00pm as Eloskary was dropping her son off in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood. The officer had been off-duty at the time and was wearing her hijab. After parking her vehicle, Eloskary returned to find a White man shoving and yelling at her son. Eloskary intervened, and the man turned on her. According to reports, this "man" (using the word loosely since no MAN would ever treat a woman this way) called the Muslim cop an "ISIS bitch", threatened to "cut her throat", and yelled at her to "go back to your own country". He then ran off before other officers arrived.

Officer Eloskary is a NYC native with a very NYC accent. Against all odds, she joined the NY Police regime shortly after the IXXI False-Flag attacks, in order to demonstrate how decent most Muslim people are. She is one of very few Muslim cops in NYC.

The perpetrator has been identified as 36 year old Christopher Nelson, a Brooklyn resident. Police tracked his miserable ass down Monday Dec. 5th and arrested him. Nelson has been charged with menacing as a hate crime and second-degree aggravated harassment. At his arraignment Monday, bail was set at $50,000. During a crime statistics news conference held Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio defended officer Eloskary as he sat next to her. De Blasio stated that, "She's an American, she's a New Yorker, she is already home." The Mayor went on to say that, "Officer Eloskary is an example of everything we would want from our fellow citizens - a commitment to others, a commitment to service, a willingness to do something greater than herself, and what does she get for it? Threats to her life, bigotry and taunts".

And unlike most wretched cops, Officer Eloskary also happens to be a bonafide HERO. In 2014 she ran into a burning building in Brooklyn's borough, rescuing an elderly woman and her granddaughter. She was honored for this selfless act of valor and awarded a medal for Bravery.

Although perp Nelson's political views have not yet been officially verified, it is pretty safe to say he's a bigoted Trumptard. And it would be easy to mock and write this asshole off, if he weren't a dangerous psychopath. Fact is, people like Chris Nelson are indeed dangerous, and have been emboldened since Trump's election theft on Nov. 8th. According to the New York Police Gestapo's own data (so you know these are conservative, under-reported numbers), at least 34 hate crimes have been reported between Nov. 8th and the 27th. Overall, hate crimes in NYC have jumped 30% in 2016 over last year.

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on "good cops" 09.Dec.2016 13:56

a cat in an apple orchard

While I appreciate that you support a woman against racist harassment, and that you see some good in this person, whatever good is there is in the person and not in her role as cop. Gushing over a "good cop" is not really the best approach to this story, is it? There are lots of people who might (or might not!) be perfectly all right people, but once they put on that uniform, it is their *role in society* that is uniformly rotten. A lot of cops initially go into that work expecting to be heroes - to save people from danger, to rescue kitties from trees, that sort of thing. What they, themselves, often do not even recognize at first is the role that was carved out, by a privileged and idle elite, for the police state in society. They are there to protect unearned wealth and unearned privilege from those who do not have equal access to that wealth and privilege. They are there to enforce unjust and otherwise indefensible social "norms" that oppress literally the majority of people (and nonhumans) in this country and others. And they are spoiled rotten in that role by power, unquestioned authority, and utter lack of any accountability. They have - and most of them come to use - the power and authority and the guns they are handed in that position to enact the worst of themselves and the worst of this society. Racism, sexism, sadism... it all comes out here, and no one in that uniform is held to the same standards of accountability and justice for them as the rest of us. Even those who don't do so (and we really have no way to know what else this woman has done in her role as police officer), are still part of the big blue wall of the police state. Whatever she is as a human being, her role as cop is not "good."