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Cop FIRED for Trying to Fight Teens - Once Threatened to BLOW UP School!

In the wake of seeing cop after rotten cop get away with murder, it's sometimes surprising to see just what does get one of the bastards actually fired...
A punk-ass GA cop is already appealing his termination, after he was fired on December 1st 2016 for challenging teens to fight him. The incident first happened on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016 in Social Circle, GA - a small town 45 miles east of Atlanta. Officer/thug James Sanders of the Social Circle Police Gestapo (SCPG) was already tending to a traffic stop when a jeep drove pass. One of the jeep's occupants allegedly yelled "FUCK THE POLICE", which clearly triggered the thug cop. Sanders immediately abandoned the traffic stop he was on, pulled the jeep over, and made it's occupants exit the vehicle. Sanders proceeded to go on a mad tirade, challenging the teens to "fuck him up", all the while cursing and threatening them. He also conducted an illegal search of their vehicle, claiming to take all of them to jail if he found so much as an ounce of pot (the teens had no drugs nor any other prohibited items on them. It's worth noting however, that Georgia retains some of the most draconian and inhumane prohibition laws in the country. A mere two ounces of marijuana can get someone up to ten years in prison. Here in Portland, OR, it's easy to forget - and take for granted - just how thoroughly fucked up so much of the rest of this country is).

Eventually, another cop with a cooler head arrived on the scene. Having committed NO crimes, the teens were let go. The entire incident lasted around eight minutes, and was captured on both dashcam and Sander's body camera. You, the reader, should realize that for all the power-tripping and terrorizing this pig Sanders did, the teenagers in question committed NO crime on that day. It is not illegal to say "Fuck the police", even in the presence of a cop. Pig Sanders claimed that he initially pulled the teens over for "swerving out of their lane", as if this were a good enough reason to abandon the traffic stop he was already attending to. Sander's claim was proven to have been a LIE, as dashcam footage from his own patrol car showed that the teens touched the divider line in the road only after Sanders had accelerated as he was pursuing them. So, let's tally up the list of crimes committed by the parties involved on that day:

Teens in jeep:

Officer Sanders:
Abandoning traffic stop (dereliction of duty)
Illegal traffic stop
Illegal search (violation of Fourth Amendment)
Threatening and menacing
Disorderly conduct
Making false statements

So yeah, it's no damned wonder Sander's fat ass got canned. And it's funny how these official misconduct incidents tend to cause these cops to lose their jobs more than murdering unarmed civilians. Perhaps Sanders should have shot one of the teens instead. That way, he would've been rewarded with paid vacation an a promotion.

Amazingly (or maybe not), there is more to Sander's criminal behavior. After video of the Nov. 23rd traffic incident was made public, leading to his Dec. 1st firing, a more disturbing incident involving pig Sanders came to light. In 2014, the bully cop made terrorist threats against officials at a high school! During that insane incident, staff at Social Circle High School complained about Sander's conduct as he was doing a paid security gig at a football game. In response, Sanders told a school bookkeeper and receptionist that he would:
Taser the school administrator
Mail anthrax to the school
Blow the school up

Sanders was never arrested nor fired [then] for making terrorist death threats against a school. However, he was switched to an evening shift in order to "limit" his contact with students. He was also prohibited from setting foot on school property except in cases of an emergency.

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